Set up my monthly log for February in my . Really pleased how it turned out. Getting into the swing of putting more and more stuff in here. It's becoming more and more useful as I do. I still need to get better about breaking some big, long-running tasks into smaller bits. And I need to figure out a way that works for me to remind myself to do certain things that are only very occasional.

@benhamill hm, how long did you do this? Only 2019 or before? Sounds like an intressting idea.

@GhostSlide I started this journal on 2015-10-14, but didn't really start bullet journaling until 2015-11-03. I started off just using it for work stuff and I let is lapse and get chaotic from 2017-01 until I decided I needed to get my personal life better organized and started using it again for both work and personal stuff on 2018-11-27.

hmm, that's an interesting approach... might try that too.

@FiXato It's really only slightly adapted from the """official""" monthly log arrangement, IIRC. I have a weekly log that I do that's MUCH more invented by me.

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