This was a really interesting (not short) read about a philosophy with a novel take on justice and equality and freedom:

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@benhamill we didn't because i don't read liberal trash from the garbage

@jackolas My impression was that neoliberalism doesn't fare too well under her philosophy. I don't feel like I know enough to say, "Her ideas are great!" Just that it was an interesting take.

@benhamill the smack-talk is more about the venue the actual article was really scant on details

@benhamill I really, really hate this on a first skim but it also looks like there's good stuff to be mined from it if I can stop my inner anarchist from bristling all the time.

@ghost_bird @benhamill I appreciate it for the look at the life of a working philosopher as much as for the ideas

@nev @benhamill That's fair. And the most irritating stuff is the New Yorker, not her.

@ghost_bird @nev Yeah. I want to know more about her ideas. Maybe directly from her (I might seek out one of her books), but I might need it filtered through a not-philosopher, since I'm not conversant in the domain.

@benhamill @nev Always a problem for me, too. I might have a look at Crooked Timber (a long-standing liberal academic politics and social science blog) and see if anyone’s written about her over there.

@benhamill Turns out there is some interesting stuff on Anderson over there, but it’s mostly coming from the left of her earlier, more libertarian, phase. There is an actual piece by her in a symposium on Piketty, though, along with some mild critique. Search results here - apologies for not editing, but they’re short enough to skim and a bit long to summarise:

Various disconnected thoughts on Last Boost:

- "private government" is a really good way of phrasing it, and I should look for more work by people using that framework

- her definition of freedom puts, arguably, datakraken/big-data assembling of targetted profiles as a direct attack on people's freedom to be themselves.

(- Also don't think I didn't notice, New Yorker, how you so carefully tip-toed around ever using any pronouns at all for her gemderqueer kid. I SAW that.)

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