Considering a legal name change, but a single character name seems like a pain (many web forms do not accept, etc.)

I've been thinking about choosing a word that I can abbreviate to B. (kinda like "danger is my middle name) so when people ask me what the b stands for, I have something interesting to say.

I already created a company called B is for Business, but I don't feel that enthusiastic about that one.

What are your favorite eccentric/empowering words that start with B?


@b_cavello Maybe a city name like Barcelona? Or Berkley or Boston (since those aren't from a grammatically gendered language). Hmm. Elements? Boron. Beryllium. Bismuth.

Web forms that don't allow single letter names are wrong. Programmers need to stop thinking they know what's allowed to be in a name. Good lord.

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Oh wait. No. I have the perfect name. You'll be so excited. It's perfect. Show more

@b_cavello Gotta keep up the ratio of earnest/supportive posts to juvenile joak posts. 😜

@b_cavello OK. How empowering are you willing to go? Because Beneficent makes you sound like a god or religious leader or emperox or something. Which is pretty empowering.

@benhamill Someone else recommended "Benevolence" which is similar. I'm into it, but yeah... it is kinda egotistical. But also SUCH GOOD #MOUTHFEEL

@b_cavello @benhamill Benevolence Cavello sounds like a character-driven plot point to an alternate world. i think this is much good fwiw

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