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Time for an

I'm a white cishet man, more or less living at the top of Privilege Mountain, trying to learn to dismantle and undermine that privilege.

Things I'm into:

Things I'm (interested in?) learning about:

• And all the stuff above, naturally.

This is, of course, incomplete. 🤷🏻‍♂️

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Uh. What do you do when the post you pinned to your profile is out of date? I guess you make a follow-up post with the correction, pin it and hope people notice?

Anyway, uh, in the above post, I describe myself as "cishet", but I figured out I'm actually pansomethingual? Only in the last, like, 8 months or so. I'm still a white cis man, so the thing about Privilege Mountain is still pretty accurate, though. But, yeah. :pansexual_flag:

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Yesterday, when I left the house, it felt like about 70F (20C). Today, leaving the house 2 hours later, it feels like 20F (-7C). I’m not made for this weather.

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Singular they
Predates singular you

Amazon spent a fortune to block a socialist candidate's re-election to Seattle city council; she won anyway

I have found two small unexplained injuries on my hands. The only possible explanation is that in my sleep, I am rising and fighting crime. I’m sleep Batmanning.

Listening to Paper Ring by Taylor Swift is a bit frustrating. It’s clearly a pop punk song, but it pulls all the stylistic punches. It might even actually be a harder genre? I want to hear her do a Riot Grrl version. I bet it would sound amazing.

If you like comics and you like gay, you should be paying attention to BOOM! Box. Goldie Vance, The Backstagers, The Avant-Guards, Heavy Vinyl. I love these titles so much.

Handy repository of template rejection letters to respond to recruiter inquiries citing specific unethical practices for different Big Tech cos. So far contains letters for Amazon, Facebook, Palantir and Uber.

The 8yo is apparently Hawkeye in a long running Avengers playground game with friends at school. Which is a big fuckin’ mood.

Bow is basically just Hawkeye, but gayer. Which is not a criticism in any way at all.

Dinner topic with the 8yo: Character parallels between The Avengers’ Hawkeye and She-Ra’s Bow. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

If I was gonna get a Switch, what games would be must-haves for my kiddos (8 & 5)?

Question for dissertation writing groups 

Good morning! I'm feeling imperfectly bisexual.

let's all have a lizard party!!

*lies motionless on a warm surface for six hours*

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