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Time for an

I'm a white cishet man, more or less living at the top of Privilege Mountain, trying to learn to dismantle and undermine that privilege.

Things I'm into:

Things I'm (interested in?) learning about:

• And all the stuff above, naturally.

This is, of course, incomplete. 🤷🏻‍♂️

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Uh. What do you do when the post you pinned to your profile is out of date? I guess you make a follow-up post with the correction, pin it and hope people notice?

Anyway, uh, in the above post, I describe myself as "cishet", but I figured out I'm actually pansomethingual? Only in the last, like, 8 months or so. I'm still a white cis man, so the thing about Privilege Mountain is still pretty accurate, though. But, yeah. :pansexual_flag:

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Anyone in or near Queens looking to buy a twin bed frame and/or a fairly new mattress? Boosts appreciated.

One of the kids in the 7yo's swim class has some name that sounds like . So, @healyn, come get in line to dive. It's your turn and you're holding everyone else up. 😜

PSA, danger to trans people, please boost Show more

I really wish @nierbot had CWs on its images. A lot of them are super cheesecakey.

I'm disappointed in myself for missing an opportunity to make a "🤷🏻‍♂️ CrossFit is weird" joke. I blame sleep deprivation, which I blame on my upstairs neighbors.

"Flight of the Bumblebee" has an urgency that makes me wonder if Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov had ever seen a bumblebee.

Bumblebees aren't urgent. Bumblebees are oops



no it's

I'm fi


When I look for travel tips for LGBTQIA+ travelers, the only info I get is: here's all the clubs that gay men like.

No, that's not what I want! I want to know what cafes queer women hang at, what spa would be trans friendly, what gallaries can I find work by queer people, what business may have queer owners or employees.

Anyway, where should a pan trans gal hit up in Madrid? Where would I most likely be able to make a friend?

TFW the 4yo is laying on top on the 7yo screaming, "Leave me alone!" at 09:30. 🤦🏻‍♂️

TFW you're awoken at 05:45 by the sound of your upstairs neighbors having bedframe-shattering sex. 😩 I assume sex. Maybe they were just doing some early morning shoving-your-bedframe-against-the-wall-repeatedly.

Tonight, we went to a graduation party for my wife's cousin's girlfriend (they're gay). They're a bit younger than us. The evening wound down with one of her childhood friend's kids and ours playing and the grownups (child hood friend, her husband and some of the cousin's-and-girlfriend's current friend's) hanging out. It was real nice. They have good taste in friends.

Also: Futchy lesbians who are good with kids are so good.

How do polls work?

So I have a friend who deals with anxiety and depression. They're still sort of in recovery from their first big episode a bit more than a year ago. I've been thinking recently about what it means to be a good friend to them and realized I might could do with some outside advice. Does anybody mind answering some questions and talking through some stuff I'm seeing and thinking? Especially about what's a friend's role (as opposed to e.g. their therapist's role)?

Narrator: No one could have foreseen the disastrous convergence of "milkshake duck," "milkshaking" fascists, and what this meant for the boys who were brought, against their will, to the yard, who were like, "It's better than yours"

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