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I have terrible bestest smartest boy syndrome.

I have so much to do at the money mines and ugh it's Friday and it's really hard to focus on my tasks when it's WHOOP WHOOP red alert frequently.

And back home again because it was lovely.

I'm pretty sore today going to be a little bit before I find my summer legs again.

I biked to work because it's not arctic out.

I fucked up and stayed on my bus too long so I guess I'm going to the library.

No thanks honey I'm not in the lovesync zone.

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It must be so comforting to be able to deal with your terror at your inevitable mortality and decrepetiude by buying tubs of survival food and sticking them in the garage.

I went to a bar where you could smoke inside for mandatory fun and ever single solitary person inside was smoking like it was 1977 and this was their tavern and I had about four gin and tonics that had the precise aroma and taste of rubbing alcohol with a lime in it and fell off the wagon and had a couple cigarettes to go with that and oh fuck my innards today feel like someone (who was me and my poor choices) took a blowtorch and lightly seared the inside of my lungs to seal in the juices.

Holy shit they keep paying me what the fuck is wrong with these people.

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*a 34-year-old man who has spent over $25,000 on plastic men and paper books voice*
if you ask me, a woman must be fertile before i pay her any mind. my bloodline must continue

the stygian morass of gay hookup apps 

Some ding dong from hundreds if not thousands of miles away trying to abuse me verbally for unknown reasons.

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i was browsing hot dudes on scruff but then i just decided i would rather just come here and toot about it

the stygian morass of gay hookup apps 

I give off relationship energy or it's the Midwest or something becuase everyone wants to get married tomorrow.

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