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hold on everyone i'm entering

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just got word that we're getting a feature story in the nyt styles section and a float in the pride parade

i can't stop watching art conservation youtubes.

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O̸̹̼̦̠̅̄̒̔ ̶̨̹̠̩͂̌̔̎̆͋ͅB̵̧̡̝̱͔͠ ̵̻̯̲̘̈͝Ē̸̢̳̥̖͎̽̃̉̅͝͝ͅ ̶̟̏̎͘Y̷̞̠̩̺̓̔̔̂̄̆

delightful things:

the radiation of vapor on this 19 degree day
the crisp smell of the desiccated air
the return of warmth and sensation to frosted flesh
the crunch of the leaves from the layers of frost as I go around the trail
the way that I smell of the forest and the outdoors and the wholesome sweat of exertion

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Oh is it time for disco again? I liked season one a lot despite some of the choices and I anticipate many enjoyable hours of star trek shitposting ahead.

it didn't snow so i got my bike ride in and now i'm working on a couple of ciders and listening to it howl outside

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Writer CRUMBLES mastodon using FACTS and LOGIC

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me and my husband Geoff are queering heterosexuality by rebranding our marriage as a "bicule"

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Mastodon Makes Its Users Feel Happy. Here’s Why That’s A Bad Thing

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the D Dot article, pol, part 2 Show more

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the D Dot article, pol, part 1 Show more

love that thing that dudes do where if you aren't sexually useful to them you might as well be invisible and beneath contempt

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