🌻 bee

i opened an instance yesterday! liminalismo.com

it's meant to be a safe space from nazis and terfs, a home for punks that have stayed soft despite all the suffering

registrations are closed to avoid an influx of nazis, but if you want to join, fav this toot or DM me and i'll send you an invite :)

(boost this toot if u can so it can reach people who might be interested!)

@beehiveth ive seen this post twice now and im still very confused by the terming of "punks that have stayed soft" etc

would you mind expanding on the description and/or more clearly defining the demographic? 'w'


I read thay 'from' as 'for' and was all WHOAH WAIT WTF for like a whole microsecond and then 'oh, heh, right on'

Brains how do they work

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