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hmmm names bee + theres nothing about my identity thats concrete enough for me to include in a post that cant be edited. u should check this though

in theory i do art and post a lot about my life + the various pieces of media im interested in. also i love my wife ๐Ÿ’ž

(genuinely would like to be on here more but i can never manage to really Get Into It in a way thats engaging)

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sometimes i open this app say nothing interact with nobody and then close it again 3 minutes later because i dont follow enough people for there to be more than 20 posts i havent seen since the last time. its tough work but thats showbiz babey

straight person serving a gay couple voice: are you paying separately

alcohol ment 

close your eyes. breathe in through your nose for a count of five, out through your mouth for a count of seven. smell the air coming in and taste it coming out. feel the warmth of light on your face. feel the weight of the clothes on your body. exist, just for this moment, and enjoy your sensations. most of all, enjoy the knowledge of the fact that you can feel all of these things, right now, in the present moment, and margaret thatcher can't because she's fucking dead

what's better than having a girlfriend 

thinking about the time my nanna asked my mum how she heard her alarm to get up for work in the mornings (shes deaf) and mum said "oh i dont have an alarm i just wake up" baffling

my gender is like one of those chemical things where you heat it up and it just grows a gigantic tentacled horror out of nothing

I wanna see the hollow Earth theorists and the flat Earth guys fight it out to see who gets to be the anti science kings

from now on im doing the most i can to embody this emoji ๐Ÿฅฐ

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