Today I feel like a goddes for some reason uwu

I don't really understand people who hate on "soft people" like , why do you care? What's wrong with liking cute things and talking a lot and liking good morning texts and hugs?
I don't know, everyone is so cold and makes fun of people who are comfortable showing their soft side :(

I am talking with my crush and I can't be happier omg

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We're people, not pronouns. Our gender is not just our pronouns. Nonbinary people use all kinds of pronouns, not just “they/them”.

So please don't call us “they/thems” 🙄


When everyone calls you by the name you don't want to be named but you are to shy to say anything and when you say it they ignore you so you don't know who you are anymore and don't know if you are a girl or non binary and are uncomfortable with your boobs but nobody listen to you when you try to explain it so you feel totally alone and are afraid to be in a relationship with anyone because they will see you as a girl and only want to see your boobs like your exes so at the end of the day you just wanna disappear.

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I miss collecting Pokemon trading cards, it was way funnier than collecting chronic illnesses.

Good morning to everyone :ameowbongo:
I am looking for queer friends :rainbow_flag:

I can't understand people who sleep without a cuddly toy.
Like, you don't hug anything, how can u sleep?


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