*watches a kingdom hearts explainer video* i have become more powreful than you mortals can even imagine

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Spiderverse was v fun and good but WOW cant think of a better way to draw out the weird fascism in superhero movies than "your relatable role model was an evil criminal and your narc cop dad is good actually"

Gonna start sending this to hookups I'm ghosting

I'm gonna keep fighting in 2019. No more shame, fear, dread, etc. But if there is still, I can take it

-got hotter
-had a massive depressive breakdown years in the making
-survived it (barely)
-completed an intensive therapy program
-made new friends and lovers
-started getting better
(Selfie, eye contact)

Omg why is this orangutan so sad. Do u wanna talk about it lil guy. Can I get you some hot tea or miso soup. Do u want another blanket

do elon musk stans still exist? like how can someone be like 'actually his 10 million dollar dumbass cave is insanely good and innovative. driving ur car slowly in a nightmare sewer is the future babey'

my girlfriend is on here now since tumblr is gone! so maybe thatll motivate me

ok im gonna. try and get back into mastodon despite my isolatey depression lol

Hey! fellow depression-y and/or attention-deficit-y people! how the fuck do you stick to any semblance of a daily routine!

i have literally never been able to do this for more than a couple days in a row and it when i cant provide structure for myself it cuts my functionality at least in half

@lifning I guess like I've always seen CS exclusively as a means to an end, and after studying it for a couple years, have found that a lot of what the major seems to entail is kinda like in the context of work I dont ever really wanna do? Like boring software engineering shit. Whereas with math even though a lot will not be practically applicable, it can all be utilized through computational frameworks to make something interesting

@lifning idk I'm not really looking for a career? I guess just whatever would lend itself more to creative and leftist ventures

Ok cool ppl, do you think I should major in computer science or math. I'm leaning toward math so I can call myself a fuckin mathematician

hey. how do you uh. break up with someone. healthily.

ive never had to do this

dm's with advice welcome. i guess

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