Hey! fellow depression-y and/or attention-deficit-y people! how the fuck do you stick to any semblance of a daily routine!

i have literally never been able to do this for more than a couple days in a row and it when i cant provide structure for myself it cuts my functionality at least in half

@bb make a list, check it twice, follow it more than thrice. And keep it posted everywhere with reminders telling you to "stick to the plan". Bonus points if your reminders read as if they came from a criminal mastermind.

uh hm well I just stoppd tryin to fit my life into whatevers considered normal daily routine? idk I try to see what works best for me, whtvr erratic or random mood I might be in at any given time or day, and just try adapting stuff after that....which sometimes means I dont do anythng at all one day, but thats fine like, I just couldnt u know?? mayb not a good answer lmao v_v ❤️

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