Ok cool ppl, do you think I should major in computer science or math. I'm leaning toward math so I can call myself a fuckin mathematician

@bb what do you want out of it? job or otherwise

@lifning idk I'm not really looking for a career? I guess just whatever would lend itself more to creative and leftist ventures

@bb i can think of a lot of creative things to do with CS because it's a bit more applicable outside of academia

that said, follow your heart~ i don't have much perspective from the mathematician pov

@lifning I guess like I've always seen CS exclusively as a means to an end, and after studying it for a couple years, have found that a lot of what the major seems to entail is kinda like in the context of work I dont ever really wanna do? Like boring software engineering shit. Whereas with math even though a lot will not be practically applicable, it can all be utilized through computational frameworks to make something interesting

@bb Why not both? There's a lot of crossover...

@bb do you like thinking about how long stuff would actually take or would you rather think about what makes things what they are

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