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[hacker voice] I’m gay

(selfie) Great news everyone!! I finally got The Surgery!! : )

This untenable use of "Hard Science" to validate the premise of Biological Determinism isn't some Progressive Scientific Breakthrough.

It's 21st century Phrenology with a thin coat of neoliberal euphemism painted on top.

this fetishization of "Biological Innateness" as something that totally predetermines people.

this pop science obsession over finding some Real™ Reason™ people aren't """Normal""", one that doesn't require reevaluating the implicit, ideologically-constructed assumptions of the world.

Its reprehensible.

i hate this. so much.

Haha NICE one Twitter

theres also: My Perfect Wife Transformed Into A Horribly Grotesque Yet Incredibly Hot Monster?????

which, guess what folks, means Gehrman is trans and theres nothing u can do about it

one thing thats become very apparent is a bunch of unlikely (and very good) genres of souls boss.

for example, one of my favorites: Wife With A Scythe

very very slowly constructing a massive tier list of the soulsborne bosses in terms of how Hot they are

apparently theres a 13 Reasons Why season 2.

and like