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may b

she disappeared quite suddenly one evening, when the burst of lightning three minutes into the title track of Sunbather was enough for her to sublimate instantly

Oh yeah update we yelled at the landlord and they got spooked and sent like 5 cleaning crews immediately and now the house is livable

like, im overhwlemed by everything when nothing is happening

so u can imagine how im doin rn hahaha

im in a motel with my parents for the night, tomorrow we're gonna go demand that the landlord give us compensation and maybe temporary housing

so guess what, the fucking house i was supposed to move into today is a total fuckin unlivable wreck! covered in garbage, moldy wet furniture, doors with missing doorknobs, a leak in one roof. the landlord performed ZERO maintenance and the previous tenants wrecked the place

Concept album about a depressed trans girl trying to write The Glow Pt. 3 but ending up with something vaguely resembling a demo for the last 20 minutes of Deathconsciousness

Blast burial loud enough at any hour and you can pretend its night time and that everything isnt filled with sickly bright light

rain illuminated as flurries of snowy fireworks

Bought some @HTHR sheets for my new place

i feel like my transition pics are really boring since i already had long hair lol

seems like i missed the exact day by a couple weeks, but ive been on hrt for a full year now!

Someone on tinder told me I look like hayley williams which might be one of the best compliments I've ever received tbh

I just got singled out during a pat down at tsa because I'm trans. Made me do a private screening in a back room because they "couldnt clear my groin area". I'm so upset and angry and I just want to cry and disappear

Two genders, both alike in dignity,

Watching Your Name with other trans ppl and just silently nodding

what's an average amount of tinder matches to have. Like how many do you have, if you use it. I can't tell if this is average or if I'm a horrible seductress harlot

Uhhhh this is like? *Really* hot? Right? Do I have some kink I'm not aware of? (Sfw)