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I don't think I have the battery for this but 'here goes:

Enter Housi, The Game I Make While I'm Waiting to Get Into VR

Hello, I've wanted to work full time in VR since 2014 but that option has never become available to me, in being restricted from the medium I want to work in I've noticed that it's really not all there yet enough really for most people anyway, there is still stuff to do in regular 3D

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there is a science called Ethics, no it's not the E in STEM

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i found out st. john's wort apparently increases photosensitivity, so you can get more sun, even sunburnt in the winter. + for seasonally depressed peeps. obviously get dat d3.

nightmare levels are 40% and rising

(40%) ■■■■□□□□□□

mh/pov ment 

Forthcoming is a strange Christmas tale
And my organs have started to fail.
Till she noticed the sign
Age one hundred and nine.
In their spine, where it leads to their tail.

doom, rocks 

taking 'corn' as a commodity, it seems like 'corn' could theoretically be produced, via labor, but then, wait

okay, Do Not add 'exchange value', the commodity 'corn' will only have 'use value' in this hypothetical

make the corn and then eat the corn

Do Not add something extra and do up a capitalism. is that too much to ask? (yes, private property exists, on which to produce the commodity)

Throwing #blockchain at everything for hype factor, then calling it "smart" or "next-generation" even if it's totally unsuitable for these things (the #security and #privacy aspects are horrendous)

a degree in something is utterly meaningless, am i wrong?
qualifications, so-called, are a trick by people who understand the need to appear domesticated? while siphoning off people's money?
is there any point in schooling or do i just have my head in a tunnel about it? i'm just tired of being lied to.

I don't ever want to see an advertisement again. im tired of new. shiny plastic and steel reflecting everything away from it, washed clean again and again. give me dull, matte, muddy, dusty, rusty. I want to feel the length of the ages around me. give me grandpa's shovel and the family recipe. give me a house that has seen birth and death and has kept standing. give me a blanket worn so thin, so patched you cannot discern the original pattern. continuity of life and of care, instead of rushing from one novelty to the next.

it [seems like] a sliding scale percentagewise of socialism, barbarism, and a third option [to me] [based on my previous experience and the available data]

Who can say for sure what it means that "dot org" has been sold. I'll offer a vague guess and say 'this will not be an improvement to how things have been.'

Self-hosting is moving from interesting to necessary for publishers. The BitMessage / Secure Scuttlebutt / Freedombone model of 'every device its own server' is the one I would like to see win out. NextCloud, with ActivityPub baked in, serving itself out via tor / i2p ... please make this happen, thanks.

The Residents - Hello Skinny (1978)

Skinny was born in a bathtub
And grew so incredibly thin
That even the end of an eyedropper
Sucked him in.
Skinny never knew any questions
And Skinny never looked at lights.
But Skinny sold something
Every single night.

Skinny sold a soldier to me
Skinny sold a wife
Skinny sold a suction cup
And a knife.
Skinny found a "Hello Dolly"
Record in the hall.
He sold it to a truck driver
In the fall.

Greece is attempting to be China's gateway to Europe, with Athens offering Beijing plenty of investment opportunities.… #Europe #Greece #China #Business&Economy #HumanRights
Disputed Himalayan region reels under unprecedented security lockdown since its special status was scrapped in August.…

Eliminating the legal enforcement of DRM -- by criminal, mind, not civil law -- would effectively destroy all business models based on proprietary digital information.
-- Kevin Carson

#anarchism #quote #bot

Academic tradition requires you to cite works you base your article on.
When using programs that use GNU Parallel to process data for publication
please cite:

O. Tange (2011): GNU Parallel - The Command-Line Power Tool,
;login: The USENIX Magazine, February 2011:42-47.

This helps funding further development; AND IT WON'T COST YOU A CENT.
If you pay 10000 EUR you should feel free to use GNU Parallel without citing.

To silence this citation notice: run 'parallel --citation'.
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