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#lunarpunk is
- the invisible pull of the tides
- that shadow you see out of the corner of your eye right before something truly wonderful happens
- that kind stranger in rags who complements you when your down
- a steam rising from a bowl of soup on a winter's day
- a mycelium network helping the trees communicate beneath the ground
- astral legends forming cultural touchstones to safely open our lives to each other
- a little light in a big dark

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I actually dont understand whats so difficult about having conversations solely focused on Islamophobia and the experiences of Muslims. Like why does it always have to be derailed to something completely different? Niqab bans turning into talking about antifa covering their faces? Can we not have one thing?

Folks this is my business mastodon account, please keep all your old instance redirect to your butts!

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I installed scuttlebutt, but I need an invite to a pub(?)

my politics are too radical for the scope of this instance, so i have an alt on another instance to discuss that, i used to post radpol on here and it got zero engagement.
also 'the world' and knowledge/acknowledgement of it does not equal engaging with twitter and at the real djt. the world existed before twitter and it will continue to exist after it is gone. twitterworld has crumbled already, as measured by this individual's experience. it's a surveillance and ad tool, not a social network.

is there a solarpunk music genre? anyone want to start a solarpunk band?

You're all still popes.
Those of you who have been excommunicated are hereby recommunicated.

if i were a part of the taxpayer class i would simply stop paying the taxes which fund the massive war machine :blobthinksmart:

Why, liberty of the press is only permission of the press, and the state never will or can voluntarily permit me to grind it to nothingness by the press.
-- Max Stirner

#anarchism #quote #bot

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