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I don't think I have the battery for this but 'here goes:

Enter Housi, The Game I Make While I'm Waiting to Get Into VR

Hello, I've wanted to work full time in VR since 2014 but that option has never become available to me, in being restricted from the medium I want to work in I've noticed that it's really not all there yet enough really for most people anyway, there is still stuff to do in regular 3D

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there is a science called Ethics, no it's not the E in STEM

Here is a quick tutorial on how to help support Hispagatos by running cryptocurrency mining software. #support #hispagatos #crypto

this company forced me to have programs which have ads and track me unnecessarily OR install a free version by compiling by source (which is fun)
hmm… thonk.

"I don't understand, this sword is completely jagged... how does that make it *more* powerful instead of broken? How is that realistic?"

"This is a fantasy universe, not a representation of reality. I am a dragon, but you don't don't complain that I don't exist. 'Realism' is mostly a synonym for 'I don't like that people who don't look like me started showing up around here recently.'"

"Okay, true, but that lady's armor still doesn't make any sense."

"No... no it doesn't."

What if we use drones to take "satellite views" for OpenStreetMap? :thonking:

digital communities die so often and I find that saddening

Sicilian Walrus 

Words like "influencers" or "brand" are now used as euphemisms to disguise #bribes which were previously 'washed' as "sponsor". In politics they call bribes "contributions" (positive word).

#microsoft calls it "marketing help"

Just as I'm opposed to political fascism, I'm opposed to economic fascism. I think that until major institutions of society are under the popular control of participants and communities, it's pointless to talk about democracy.
-- Noam Chomsky

#anarchism #quote #bot

bitching about code under capitalism 

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You Are Not So Smart podcast interviews Douglas Rushkoff about his book "Team Human" in which he outlines how tech that's supposed to connect us is instead isolating us, and (more importantly) what to do about it.

His anecdote about hiring a professional nursing consultant instead of talking to his neighbors who have tons of personal experience reminds me of @muninn's frequent complaints about the lack of social connections with neighbors. Also I agree but I'm an introvert, so whatareyougonnado?


the Wet’suwet’en territory isn’t in Canada. colonial maps lie. Canada never bought it, was never given it. it is sovereign as in IT IS NOT CANADA. its land defenders are not “protesters.” they’re not staging a “pipeline protest.” they’re fighting a foreign invasion.


There are no 'servers', every one is the server.

You ask someone with a good connection to scry you and your results are based off of them reliably gossiping your data

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You can use Exp as 'meter', and super-charge an attack that will permakill another player, depending on their state, but leave you at level 1 or 2 again

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Housi knows every spell and technique, if one of your friends is lucky enough to roll Housi on their next rebirth then you can learn forgotten spells

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No mail, No auction house, No whispers/tells, Global voice chat enabled

Carts run from inn to inn with gear, gold, messages, 'sleeping' characters, etc. Cart bandits are a major profession, as well as Cart protection - the open world is the battleground, and there are always high stakes

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