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the next 2-4 years are just going to be convincing regular-ass 'foss' people to move off of microsoft's github
:goose_honk: just stop linking there waah wah :(((((

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there is a science called Ethics, no it is not the E in STEM

playing chiptune makes everything feel like hacking


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Do truth, freedom, humanity, justice, desire anything else than that you grow enthusiastic and serve them?
-- Max Stirner

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Fashion is just one of the many ways colonialism forces the adoption of customs that are maladapted to local conditions, but it is visible and emblematic. The British made their Indian subjects wear wool to turn it into a market for their wool products. Wool. In India. One would scream with laughter at the absurdity of it, except wool suits are still considered the height of class around the world despite the fact that it is highly unsuited (sorry) to most climates. Most of the world's population doesn't live in a cool Western European climate, but men are still supposed to fit themselves into boxy wool outfits in order to be taken seriously? What kind of sense does that make?

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Random link from the archives: "Second Life Still Has 600,000 Regular Users - The Atlantic" originally posted Thu Nov 23 15:06:40 EST 2017

my gf designed this really cool clicky switch orb, and like heck i'm so excited about it i wanna share! it's a stimtoy/fidgettoy and all the buttons are any cherry mx sized switch, i put kailh box navy switches on all of these, and the keycaps are dsa profile which are the same shape on each side so they look neat on the orb/cube! it's really fun to roll around in your hand :p

ever wonder why your train is late in the mornings sometimes? well,

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I'm experiencing the magic of ssh for the first time here... I have a whole other computer inside my shell, can't get over how novel this is.

Phew, thank God white guys have pounced on the "hexing the moon" idea, for a minute there young women almost got away with just doing a goofy thing without comment

I've been maintaining a list of words coined by #TedNelson and just pushed a bunch of updates, available at The URL is actually an example of one such word :) #hypertext #hypermedia #xanadu

Because Internet, my book about internet language, is out in paperback TOMORROW (for ordering-via-the-internet purposes, that's practically today)

Same bright yellow cover, now with 10x more nice quotes from people! 

Get it here: #linguistics

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