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welcome to dedian
nonfree iwiwiwiwifi-0f5wiwifififiwifiifiwifi are you sure installed?

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i am gonna grow wings, antenae, spikes, get rid of my bones… F what my parents think

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i am literally shiterally what they refer to when they talk about grey ay's

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there is a science called Ethics, no it is not the E in STEM

i suspect there is another mass weirdening right around the corner...

The Moon is Waxing Gibbous (55% of Full) 🌔

(subtext: going to art school is a waste of time and money)

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i am going to make some of these AI's sit and get CRITIQUED for hours, and also have to pay 100k for the right to do so

A Truchet like hex tiling. There are three different hexagons that can be tiled (but not rotated) arbitrarily. #mathsart #geometry #tiling #mastoart

interesting move (i have no say in it), that'll keep me playing

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oh interesting so everything that should be $1 is now $4 i think i'm starting to get it, so i just gotta work 4x as hard 🙃

Awareness post: there is an instance on fedi called '' where you can only post 'EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE'

my experience on this dying world has been made richer through this knowledge, and may yours be also


omg it's all run by telecom corporations abort, abort!!


*runs up out of breath*

uh, uh--! go-go jason waterfalls ..!


くそ、only 90's kids are gonna remember this...


"Twitter Will Adopt Signal Protocol for Encrypted DMs, Says Security Researcher"

4d chessmoves, so now the FBI /and/ the FBI can read your DMs :blobthinksmart:

Canadian Slime 

Coroner says he was high on somethin' called Canadian Slime. Picked him up in Bed Stuy after tryin' to rob a pawn shop with a rubber chicken.

I'm curious: have you ever been without stable housing in your life?

Without stable housing == unsheltered, staying in tent/car, staying in shelter, couch surfing, rented unfinished room (un-insulated garage/shed/basement), or had eviction papers served on you

anyone know where i can save on all the hottest brands?

hitting da bricks universally accepted strat now wtg team


oh hey jsyk it's more time now, time has piled up and accumulated to the point where it is 'now', basically there's more time added up so it is time to pay

or face... the alternative

my experience is at least 100x more vivid, detailed, meaningful, connected etc. after leaving 9-5 manual labor, whoda thunkit?

Someone inquired on Reddit today how they can gain influence with #Eugen #Rochko to make changes and suggestions to affect the #Mastodon Project.

You can't really expect to make changes to the core or features of Mastodon unless you're a substantial Patreon supporter of Eugen Rochko/Mastodon project. Mastodon is lead by a dictator of one, Eugen. Most that try report they get nowhere at making change with the Mastodon Project.

There are 3 forks of the nearest competitor you can support where your voice can make a huge difference in #Pleroma:

1) Akkoma - Find the creator @FloatingGhost & if you're an Elixir coder or Patreon supporter, you'll have the possibility of having influence over a small team of a few current Maintainers.

2) Pleroma OTP (original) - Small team of 4 or 5, same as above, you can have a lot of influence. Lain is less involved with the project (at the moment) but they have an IRC chat group if you contact them at Pleroma's gitlab: They are releasing their latest stable updated version, 2.5, at Christmas time.

3) Rebased - Contact the creator Alex Gleason and let him know you want to help in the same ways described above and, if you're a polite person, you'll have sn opportunity to make an impact on future features in his small Developer team of about 6 or 7. Rebased reports itself to other instances as "original Pleroma" so there's no way to know how many instances run Rebased.

Or you can go to the very rough uncharted alpha beginnings of #GoToSocial. Warning that there's not yet even a developed defult UI frontend that comes with installation, you must choose a 3rd party UI. This project could fizzle out before it's ready for prime-time.

These Pleroma forks are your best opportunity to make a difference as there are many active Pleroma servers and some have over 30,000 members demonstrating proof of concept. It's estimated that 10% of the Fediverse is Pleroma.
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