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Every time I have to give my personal data to a company, I feel a little violated.

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Hey, is there anyone from Europe here who has a public transport ticket in digital form? Those with a QR code?
The #ticketfrei team is very interested in those.
Expired tickets are okay, too!

You can send the tickets to if like

Hey, is there anyone from Europe here who has old online public transport tickets left? Those with a QR code? The team is very interested in analyzing those.

Can you send your old tickets to please? Thanks a lot!

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Nachdem die #AFD zu blöde war, für die Wahl eine korrekte Liste aufzustellen, ist sie jetzt zu blöde für eine formal korrekte Verfassungsbeschwerde:

3 uniformierte kontis am Hbf, in der u2 Richtung Röthenbach @nbg_ticketfrei


I can rather say 'no' to other people than to myself... What does that say about consent?

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Eliminating the legal enforcement of DRM -- by criminal, mind, not civil law -- would effectively destroy all business models based on proprietary digital information.
-- Kevin Carson

#anarchism #quote #bot

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>i enter a former 7-eleven with an "Amazon Basics" tarp over the sign
>just gonna buy a bag of chips and a USB 4.43+ Gen E cord and charger, in and out
>i hand my $14.49 to the cashier
>"oh, sorry sir, we don't take that"
>"that's fine i have my cr-"
>"didn't you get your Libra Clip like everyone else?"
>"n-no, look can i just-"
>a facebook drone with a luminescent smiley face bursts from under the cash register
>it attaches to my head and attempts to puncture my ear
>i bash my head against the counter and manage to decouple it
>make a fucking run for it
>a Boston Dynamics drone painted Amazon orange blindsides me from outside the exit, restrains me as the drone flies out the door and approaches me again
>i scream as a Libra Clip is bolted into my right ear
>"welcome to the global currency"
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»Der Polizist Haik J. soll von seinem Dienstcomputer aus für „Nordkreuz“ Meldedaten von Zielpersonen beschafft haben.

Er soll Mitglied im AfD-Landesfachausschuss für Innere Sicherheit sein. «

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»Rechtes Terrornetzwerk plante politische Morde in ganz Deutschland «

»Demnach verfügt „#Nordkreuz“ über mindestens zwei weitere Ableger: „Südkreuz“ und „Westkreuz“. Auch in und um Berlin soll eine Unterstützergruppe tätig sein.«

Seit 2017 weiss man von nix, rückt nicht mal damit raus, ob Lübcke auch auf der Liste stand.

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So langsam wird es krass. Ich war Sachverständiger im Innenausschuss des hessischen Landtags gegen den Hessentrojaner.

In Meck-Pomm stehen die Namen der dortigen Sachverständigen auf den Todeslisten des rechten Prepper-Netzwerks.

Partial nudity, ethical question 

Dear fediverse feminists, do you think it's ethically okay to go out like this?
Uncovering breasts is a minor offense for women in my country, although I have to admit my main reason is the heat.

Do you think using my privilege is okay if I make the power gap visible like this?

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@b3yond Hey! Ich wollte nur bescheid sagen, dass ich am Freitag mit meiner Band soccermoms zusammen mit suffering quota im Projekt31 spiele. Ich hab sonst gar keine Kontakte in Nürnberg, aber ich dachte, ich sag mal bescheid. :)

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"Penetrativer Beischlaf"

I hate german

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US concentration camps, birbsite 

"Detainees are packed so tightly into rooms that they have to stand on toilets to breathe."

One cell with a capacity of 8 held 41 detainees.
A cell built for 35 held 155."

children are dying in ICE and CBP custody

Solitary confinement and torture to the point of slitting wrists, gouging one's eyeballs, especially disabled, LGBTQ people and hunger strikers they don't know what to do with.

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Idea for an app - what about an app which automatically deletes the exif metadata of all uploaded images?


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