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Hi friends, if you were wondering why I pretty much stopped posting the last months, just some healthy paranoia.

1 person is not important. The hive mind lives, and I'm still in the fediverse. Liberation has many names. I love you all <3

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Ein Autozug, der aus dem VW-Werk Wolfsburg ausgeliefert werden sollte, wurde soeben von unabhängigen Kleingruppen blockiert. Weitere Infos folgen!

#autofrei #blockVW #wob

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Meine tägliche Ausbeutungsstätte sucht 1 Linuxentwicklungs Mensch und 1 µController entwicklungsmensch ab sofort.

Arbeitsort und Firmensitz ist #Fürth.

Wer interesse darf mich anquatschen.

@SpunkyAlpaca @gid @pinkprius I think they know that good pickup lines don't need to rhyme

acab :acab: 

@GreenandBlack how to leave fingerprints in inconvenient places xD

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lewd implied, reactionary 

@gid @pinkprius oh, now I see it too^^ fake news everywhere, and I was already getting ready...

lewd implied, reactionary 

@gid @pinkprius At least I think he hopes his comrades don't know ;)

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Most children are a bad role model for me

Death, capitalism 

Are you sure you want to retire? Retirement raises the chance of death significantly. 97% of the people who died in 2017 were retired - for must it's just a matter of time... @garfiald the power of the blue checkmark protects you

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»Uniter: Umstrittener Verein lud zu offenbar ungenehmigten Schießübungen | «

»Der Verein Uniter lud zu Schießübungen, die offenbar paramilitärischen Charakter trugen.

Dennoch kamen Mitglieder noch jüngst indirekt für einen Konzern wie RWE als Sicherheitsleute zum Einsatz.«

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More terrible cishet bullshit.
The title of this book might be the worst relationship advice I have ever seen.
And the bullet points on the back have me asking “Are Men Ok?”

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:antifa: fuck the carceral state 

Both terrorism charges and gang injunctions target black and brown people first, before targeting a specific mode of (righteous!) political expression

Fuck state constructions of terrorism
Fuck a gang injunction
Fuck cops
Fuck the state
Fuck prisons

Antifascism HAS to be anti-criminalization, especially when it targets us “last”

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@xj9 they missed a great chance to sell those cups for 13.37€

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