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So I had this weird little idea... I think many people on would like it :)

I wrote a small concept, feedback and criticism would help me a lot!

It is a MMORPG about transforming capitalism to a solidarity economy...

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2 is released!

Ticketfrei is a mastodon/twitter/mail /telegram bot to dodge ticket controllers in public transport systems.

You can set up ticketfrei for your city at - reclaim your network!

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Ein Autozug, der aus dem VW-Werk Wolfsburg ausgeliefert werden sollte, wurde soeben von unabhängigen Kleingruppen blockiert. Weitere Infos folgen!

#autofrei #blockVW #wob

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Meine tägliche Ausbeutungsstätte sucht 1 Linuxentwicklungs Mensch und 1 µController entwicklungsmensch ab sofort.

Arbeitsort und Firmensitz ist #Fürth.

Wer interesse darf mich anquatschen.
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Most children are a bad role model for me

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I am a man, and I should dress like a woman if I were not such a coward.

That is, I should revel in velvets, in silks and satins, in plumes and ruffles, in rich or delicate colors, in daring and dashing modes, in endless variety suited to my whim, to the weather or the occasion. It would be great fun. It would be an artistic gratification. But I don't dare.

In the days of knighthood, when men were really breve, they out-dressed the women; but in these degenerate days we do not venture our fancies beyond cravats. No man in modern times has dared to dress as he pleased, except Oscar Wilde, and we buried him with craven hisses.

We men rail at women's fashions, but in our hearts we know ourselves to be the slaves of fashion, of one dull, deadly, monotonous fashion, which we hate, but from which we are too cowardly to free ourselves.

-- Life magazine, February 1916

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»Uniter: Umstrittener Verein lud zu offenbar ungenehmigten Schießübungen | «

»Der Verein Uniter lud zu Schießübungen, die offenbar paramilitärischen Charakter trugen.

Dennoch kamen Mitglieder noch jüngst indirekt für einen Konzern wie RWE als Sicherheitsleute zum Einsatz.«

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Institutionalised learning is horrible. They call it learning but it's more like cramming for tests. No curiosity is developed. The teacher doesn't wanna be there. The pupils don't want to be there. For a person with a genuine love and curiosity for the arts and sciences, it's soul-crushing.

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More terrible cishet bullshit.
The title of this book might be the worst relationship advice I have ever seen.
And the bullet points on the back have me asking “Are Men Ok?”

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"Zivilisation ist das Vertrauensfindungsprogramm einer Gesellschaft, die nicht weiß wonach sie sucht. Eine Gesellschaft geht nicht zugrunde, ihre Zivilisation aber schon. Zivilisation ist das Ermächtigungsprogramm einer Gesellschaft, die mehr darüber lernen will, was ihre Gesellschaft tut."

Aus den Tagebuchnotizen von Alfred Testa, Nachlass jk-98-34. Marbach 2070.


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Ich: "Boah ist das warm, kühlt sich gar nicht ab..."

Tochter: "Der wärmste Sommer der letzten 100 oder so Jahre. Versuch, es einfach positiv zu sehen."

"Wie kann man das?"

"Es ist der kälteste Sommer der nächsten 100 oder so Jahre. Kamin anmachen?"


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Whoever will be free must make himself free. Freedom is no fairy gift to fall into a man's lap.
-- Max Stirner

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Little things you can do to save the environment

Von Ilex_opaca


This is a great magazine about a low-tech perspective on the Internet; this article explores how Freifunk everywhere would look like, and would make 4G obsolete:

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