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fedi really is social media, huh? 😔

renew your care card and the ICBC person is like "ok so for the security question: how many books did you check out from the library in grade 3?"

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Trans people are like "hormones are amazing they changed my life!" *forgets injection* *puts off blood work* *misses refils*

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- one room schoolhouse teacher
- saloon keeper
- dancehall girl with a heart of gold
- sassy hairstylist
- bootlegger
- witch trial magistrate
- Johnny Appleseed
- tomboyish author
- aviatrix
- baseball player
- a dog who plays sports and wins The Big Game
- stagecoach bandit
- author who leaves New York to be debauched in Paris
- psychiatrist
- elderly actress or socialite who wants the world to remember her glory days

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Traditional American jobs:

- fur trapper
- adulterer
- person injured in a sled crash
- fence whitewasher
- unemployed farmer
- sea captain driven to madness
- disillusioned journalist
- gold rush prospector
- southern lawyer
- catcher in the rye
- cowboy with a dark secret
- Jay Gatsby

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Introducing, Vanilla--, a mod that installs a different "right-click to harvest crops" mod every time you right click on crops

available at :

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Native wildflowers 

wild #florespondence

Here's some showy PNW flowers from the weekend (two are new to this transplanted east coaster). We went to a plant demonstration, with lots of live examples of local species with info cards. Then we were lucky enough to stumble into one sweet one, new to us, in the wild.

zane ninjago voice: most unusual. I know of no species of hedgehog that are blue

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Genital shitpost 

God gives his meatiest cocks to his scrawniest twinks

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queer terminology, not serious 

STOP saying "gender nonconforming" and START saying "hot"
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"object oriented programming is embarrassing" YOU'RE embarrassing. meanwhile I'm making out with my three weed-smoking objects

love trying to learn about Western Sahara and finding nothing but "so called 'polisario' terrorists regularly eat babies from the southern provinces. source: trust me bro"

I refuse to believe that prep and other american highschool genders truely existed in the 80s, nevermind now

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twitter facebook and the rest? they're bad on purpose, they were designed to be bad to use and addicting and make you feel like shit

mastodon? now that's bad organically babey

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helo :blobcat: if you’ve been following us for a while you may already have the powderpaint EP and be waiting for the next one (new singles coming very soon!!), but if not, today, being bandcamp friday, where 100% proceeds go to the artist, is the day to do it :blobrainbow:

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