musing on snap judgment of strangers as a visibly queer person 

When I tell them about the ways Big Tech actively modifies you behavior towards “guaranteed outcomes” they can trade in behavioral futures markets, they say “you can beat their mind control, so you can show your mental strength.” But as far as I'm concerned, it's impossible. They will always use your own psychology against you, without you even knowing. The only way to escape is to leave those social control platforms entirely.

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When I tell people about my (recent) privacy decisions, they often say: “let things flow, stop worrying about everything, use Facebook and Google and you'll be fine.” But what I want is technology to “let me flow, let me be.” I don't want them to bubble me into their fake, AI-generated reality so they can sell me and manipulate me for profit. I want to be free of thought, free of will.

I do worry about everything, but I also like to think on ways I can change things, I want my imagination to go beyond my scope, into a worldwide vision, awareness, knowledge and action.

If the essential "right to live" is not guaranteed, nothing else is guaranteed. Once everyone's basic needs are satisfied, everything else follows.

I was introduced to Terminal today. A game where you program algorithms to fight other programmer's algorithms.

I'm not a good enough programmer to find this fun yet, but I figured I'd share it

#theLudarium ium

I swear to god docker is more fragile and less repeatable than literally any other deployment system I've ever worked with, including `ssh somehost make install`.


Yesterday I spent some time trying to make a photo composition with my own portrait in my painting workshop and a Mondrian painting called Passie Bloem that he did before his most famous phase.

@soft In Mexico, you go all dressed up to go everywhere, even to the grocery store… especially to the grocery store.

the internet before GDPR:
big companies collecting your data

the internet since GDPR:
big companies collecting your data after you've given up on pop-up windows with unnecessarily complicated opt-out schemes

Because @amolith and I got into a drive capacity measuring contest (I won :smugsiptea:), I'm curious how much total storage people on Fedi have. Count everything from backup disks to disks being used in machines currently (but not USB sticks or floppy disks).

How much storage capacity do you currently have?

Ironically, I stole this meme on Instagram. BTW I just uninstalled WhatsApp today definitely.
#whatsapp #privacy #facebook

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