I think I'm getting old. I'm slowly starting to appreciate more stability and reliability in programs over major UI changes every week. I prefer apps not to change visually for decades, but to work well and be efficient; than having pretty apps that consume tons of RAM and change their UI/UX frequently.

Firefox's Proton UI redesign is turning out too well, in my opinion.

Kdenlive, KDE's video editing software 🎥, gets a new AI automatic subtitling tool!

Kontact makes encrypting emails and protecting your privacy 🔏 even easier...

... and much, much more!

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Hello Fediverse, and and especially PeerTube's admins.

One year ago, I've found neo-nazi content on the instance I was using.
So I realized that right-wing groups have created PeerTube instances or are using unmoderated ones to spread their hate speech.

This content federates on other instances.

I list them here, making it easier to isolate them and their content to protect us.

The list : peertube_isolation.frama.io/li


You can help by reporting instances to this account.

You can follow this account to get update about this list (theses will be under a content warning).

If you are a #PeerTubeAdmin you can use @peertube auto mute plugin with this list.

You can find the documentation of the auto mute plugin here: framagit.org/framasoft/peertub

#FediBlock #FediAdmin #Peertube

@hinterwaeldler "In completely unrelated news, upcoming versions of Signal will be periodically fetching files to place in app storage. These files are never used for anything inside Signal and never interact with Signal software or data, but they look nice, and aesthetics are important in software." 🤣

@hinterwaeldler "By a truly unbelievable coincidence, I was recently out for a walk when I saw a small package fall off a truck ahead of me. As I got closer, the dull enterprise typeface slowly came into focus: Cellebrite." 😂

@cinebox I use Metatext too, and it's working fine. The app still needs a lot of progress and performance improvements, most importantly, scroll smoothness.

It also has some flaws with the order of mentions when replying to threads, and it doesn't include mentions in DMs, making them impossible for the mentioned person to read. That's at least in my experience.

I'm doing a ThinkPad T430S video, showing how to install osboot (see: osboot.org).

This video is going to be insane. T430S has a WSON8 in it, like the X200T. You desolder the WSON8 and solder a SOIC8 but... stay tuned for the video! (photo shows soic-8 installed)

@loke I explained in this thread that my preferred term is “*Linux”. Not sure if it has been used before, I just made it up.

@alcinnz That might sound too general or confusing for most people, especially due to the lack of capital letters; but within a well-defined terminological context, it's definitely fair enough!

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