Firefox's Proton UI redesign is turning out too well, in my opinion.

Finally! Today I received my Raspberry Pi 4, I installed stock Debian into it, because I don't like Raspberry Pi OS (formerly Raspbian). The package included the box, the fan, the power adapter, microSD and a mini HDMI to HDMI. More than enough to get started. :D

Let me introduce you… Ávalos' Indie Server 2!

Firefox Photon UI vs Proton UI, side by side. Important changes:
1. Dark theme is darker.
2. Toolbar takes less verticaL space.
3. Tabs take more vertical space.
4. Tabs are round and have margin around them.
4. No separators between tabs.
5. Increased saturation in website colors.

Introducing Ávalos' Indie Server I, the new official name for the powerful Orange Pi One server that currently hosts my Gemini capsule and Ávalos' Indie Radio. (And soon will host more things!)

(The industrial grade box and labeling with the screws and everything was made by my brother yesterday.)

Listen to Ávalos' Indie Radio's second announced streaming!

Running from my Orange Pi One at home.

Next level clickbait on the local newspaper! “E.T. gets caught. Organic life is detected… on Venus”.

RK3399 (the one in the Pinebook Pro) vs. Apple A12Z Bionic, Apple A8 and Apple A7, according to The differences are not impressive, though, since we already know Apple designs excellent mobile processors. RK3399 still manages to deliver decent performance in relation with its price and market, nonetheless.

Let's just wait until @PINE64 start designing their own processors that compete with Apple Silicon, but with a totally free design! :P Let's dream big!

@nolan Now it also supports working as a PWA in mobile! The experience is great, and even the launcher icon looks awesome.

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Eye contact 

Second photo didn't upload correctly. Here it is.

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365*17 days ago, this tech-focused introvert and occassionally annoying individual, who only wants to change the world for good someday; was born, in a small city in Mexico where they never lived. It was yet another Saturday morning.

They was a “normal” kid; in fact, behind their peers. Then, somehow started showing some unusual skills for their age. The kid was “different”, maybe.

They got into computers since ~4, and currently, knows a lot about them and loves them more than anything else. Does that Windows and Windows Live Messenger cake for their 6th birthday say something? Does that smile and that “computer” say something?

OpenBSD's cwm looks oddly awesome! Weird, ugly, boring: but cool!

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