"I feel like trying to find meaning in it might lead me farther from knowledge" - avowed philosopher Linus Techtips

Watching the flood of ludicrous stupidity in the aftermath of Apple's ARM jump announcement is... uh... *extremely* entertaining. Because most commentators don't understand the actual tradeoffs here, don't understand why x86 has dominated the PC space for the past 30 years, and are just repeating nonsense they heard from othrr people who don't understand.

Suffice to say that if you think MS is changing primary arch any time soon you're out of your goddamn mind.

i don't know what i was looking for but i found what i wasn't looking for

Don't blame yourself for things that were not in your control.

You're probably not meant to push yourself as hard as other people say.

I, personally, find that people who deem me to be inadequate do not usually have the legitimate capability of making that judgement.

Eudamonia (deep happiness derived from flourishing) is the point of life, not money, not honour, and not even courage. That said, you've already shown so much courage already, and a life lived well cannot avoid being honoured and venerated.

Be kind to yourself today, and every other day (◕ᴗ◕✿)

I wrote an implementation of Rekonq in CHICKEN Scheme, in 2 days! I invented the game in 2016 and wrote a Python version in 2018. I used to play it in paper with classmates, it was really fun!

Social media is designed around the idea that everyone should have the experience of a celebrity.

The defaults are always set up to mimic the way celebrities and their fanbases interact.

You follow someone you don't even know in order to hear what they have to say and then talk about it to others behind their backs.

That's literally how the celebrity fanbases work and that's literally how stalking works.

This fucking culture needs to burn.

Does your neighbor have an Amazon Ring doorbell camera?

The police may be watching from there



—Me han dicho que trabajas en un periódico digital. ¿Es verdad?
—La respuesta te sorprenderá.

Fuente: nitter.net/Palasrrisas/status/

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