Everyone receiving their #PinebookPro laptops:

It appears that the factory has left the WiFi privacy switches turned ON. (WiFi disabled) 🤦‍♂️

To enable WiFi you'll need to disengage the privacy switch: wiki.pine64.org/index.php/Pine

I pledge to:

- Favor #FreeSoftware over #PrivativeSoftware
- Favor #Coops over #ExtractiveCapitalism
- Invite others to do the same.

So, which awesome #freesoftware #coops does the #fediverse know and love?

Why is GNOME so beautiful nowadays? It is getting better and better everyday, I really miss GNOME!

i built a tool for quickly scrubbing metadata from images and selectively painting / blurring faces and identifiable features. it runs on a phone or computer directly in the browser, and doesn't send info anywhere:


#Anonymous Global Call, all hackers, activists, hacktivists, please join to the Internet or street protests to share the following tag.#JusticeForGeorgeFloyd #BlackLivesMatter #PoliceBrutality #icantbreathe

No doy crédito. El coronavirus va a ser lo de menos si este tipo vuelve a salir elegido.

Trump anuncia que incluirá a los antifascistas en la lista de organizaciones terroristas

I dreamed that Richard Stallman was my neighbour and he was nice. Such a weird dream.

almost done with the most basic (read: elegant, approachable) iteration of my website yet. here's a peek at some of the stuff i've worked on

still populating it with project images and deeper-layer pages, which will take a while, but jekyll is making this fairly easy


Burning the House That Richard Stallman (RMS) Built: An Open Letter to GNU Maintainers Who Opposed RMS techrights.org/2020/05/30/open

@maperal @Maya

En referencia a la novela fantástica de Harry Potter, es interesante que para que las editoriales tomaran en cuenta el manuscrito de la autora, tuviera que usar un seudónimo que hiciera a todos pensar que se trataba de un hombre.

Es lamentable que este tipo de discriminación se siga presentando en fechas actuales.

#TertuliaSemanal #HarryPotter #MujeresExitosas #MujeresProfesionistas #Mujer

K9s – Manage Your Kubernetes Clusters in Style

(submitted by sharjeelsayed)

Finally! After two days of working all day long on this Rubik's cube basic implementation on Chicken Scheme, I got it working (well, kinda)! 😁 I had to learn Scheme almost from scratch, and implement my own Matrix operations from scratch, similar to those Numpy offers (since I was based for this on a Python implementation using Numpy).

Viruses are not alive because they do not have cells, they cannot turn food into energy, and without a host they are just inert packets of chemicals. Then I learned they are not exactly dead, either: They have genes, they reproduce, and they evolve thro...

Original tweet : twitter.com/tilbots/status/126

when I was baby I had the thought of humans shrinking to half their size, we'd consume half the food and require less "space"

and then mad damon comes and steals my thunder

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