I've long been wondering how the security model of #Wayland actually knows which applications are allowed to capture the entire screen or snoop on the clipboard...

The answer is that the king is naked. Currently, the security is the same of X11, where all clients can do everything. At least, this is how #swaywm works.


Me at 6am, finally going to bed after failing to elegantly fix a bug in some C project that no one actually uses.

"Boy, it sure would be fun to make a super long room with multiple points of perspective in a pixel art program!" - my stupid ass


🕚 Empieza: "¿Que tan libres nos hace el software libre?"

Con producción de Estrella Soria, una charla entre amigas donde esbozan la necesidad de ampliar y resignificar las libertades del Software Libre.

:peertube: Para verla en HD tube.undernet.uy/videos/watch/ y para verla en baja resolución tube.undernet.uy/videos/watch/

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windows 8 was so bad they had to skip all the way to 10 just so people would forget

DevTerm - An Open Source Portable Terminal for Every Dev

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