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“When you hear, ‘oh, you can't make change happen because it's just you against the world.’ It's not, really, and if it's me against the world, I feel like I have the power.” – Michelle Macías, 2020.

Y'all get real touchy and complain if I say there's no time left for people to not be addressing climate collapse and the 6th mass extinction, saying that I'm just being a fear monger.

Here's /yet another/ piece from Westerners (the fifth I've linked this week I think) that says y'all need to face this anxiety if you don't want to doom your children to death.

I know that's grim but it's just how it is, and saying "no" doesn't change that, it just makes it harder on everyone.

Compañeros mexicanos 🇲🇽:

Se acercan las elecciones legislativas 2021. No olvidemos la larga historia de fraudes electorales que hemos vivido con el #INE. Les comparto un análisis del camarada @huitlacoche:


Ahora, Lorenzo Córdoba está haciendo todo lo posible por desaparecer las "Mañaneras" de nuestro presidente, el medio por el cual todos nos informamos, de manera directa, del trabajo del Poder Ejecutivo. Según Córdoba, "violaría la ley electoral".

Es muy importante que ganemos las cámaras para que el trabajo de nuestro presidente no se vea entorpecido por la derecha rapaz. Estas elecciones, son tan importantes como las presidenciales.

¡Voto masivo por #MORENA!

#AMLOLujoDePresidente #EsUnHonorEstarConObrador

Which Blockchain to Use to Deliver Basic Income to Millions of Users?

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Yeah, I'll admit that sometimes there's not a lot of substance in some of my posts, but visuals...

#retrocomputing #amiga #macintosh #atari

The surprisingly difficult problem of user-defined order in SQL

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I love this low detail cat model Wikipedia used to try to explain how cats land on their feet.

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