i work in a call center that uses AWS but my shift started too late for the outage to benefit me

photoshop "save for web" 

@casey can't for the life of me figure out why those aren't just under Export and then bring up the modal when you choose the filetype…

heat/death relayed

Hey uh is Torment Nexus down for everybody or just for me?
yeah status page says soul annihilation services are completely down
#hugops to the Torment team 😥

fusion 360 is a lot easier than i thought! i'm feeling FUCKING PUMPED and i want to MAKE A TABLE

apartment ? 

@casey my sympathies, the person who lived in my room last painted the smoke detector onto the wall (right over the embossed DO NOT PAINT warning) and i had to cut through it to change the battery

@nicodotgay oh that's a good idea! i might try that for the testing phase & see if it produces a good cookie before i get to making a bunch

my main thing as a "creative type" is that i never grew out of the phase where "make your own" kits were the best possible gift

designing a cookie cutter…hoping to 3D print it, make a silicone mold, and cast in resin. the back part needs work (to not be solid) but otherwise it's about ready

@_ i think if you put them together that tightly you just get one Plastic

my cat makes the most horrible distressed noise when he wants wet food. sir i just topped off your bowl of Premium Kibble and you know full well your next single-serve cup of tuna shreds isn't for an hour

@_ yeah this happened to me and i'm a dyke again now (constantly careening towards fag)

i refer to both my cat and my roommate as "my boy" and expect everyone to figure out which one i mean

a bar here did some transphobic shit and then burned down. that was pretty cool (the second part)

after a week the soreness is, thankfully, giving way to itchiness. idk how i survived getting a much denser one in the same spot on the other side while on vacation and walking a lot

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fucked up how when you get a big colorful tattoo on a sensitive part of your body that moves a lot it hurts more for a lot longer than a small black tattoo on your arm

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