productivity guilt is getting to me tonight! i've been researching design & fabrication stuff that is really useful and interesting but i'm not *making* anything and i hate that i can't just let myself read for a couple hours!


also i have this ridiculous fear of making anything similar to anything anyone else has ever done, or god forbid using popular motifs. if i were to use a design file that was shared freely or purchase i would surely go to hell after dying

anyway i DID learn a lot last night and my girlfriend showed me how to do some stuff in fusion 360 and i have some more ideas for lamps

exceedingly difficult to photograph (it's legible irl!) but i made myself a little reminder to go above my monitor

@aurant I feel like everything on this list can apply to any art, not just music.

@duck_dodgers i agree! i myself am not a musician, i think about these in relation to my artistic practice

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