my roommate just handed me a fancy slingshot and canister of ball bearings. not clear why

true to form my mom has so far failed to notice a very large new tattoo that i am not concealing

experiencing acute discourse toxicity and it's not even lunchtime yet

when i am about to select a cookie from the cookie platter

adopted my roommate's cat, ordered him a collar with a tag with his email address on it. the cat's email address i mean. i want people to send pics when they stop to pet him

dude did this in <45 min (including setup) for a shockingly small fee & also his cat was sitting on me the whole time. 15/10

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sometimes i have dreams that my room or house are way bigger & i'm just walking around exploring them

⚠️please use in a three-dimensional space⚠️

they wanted them for an event that is now over :|

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spent a bunch of time & materials printing a big batch of zines as a favor to a stranger and they NEVER PICKED THEM UP AAAAAAH

heat/death relayed

think i'm slowly starting to like avocado

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