there are more but this is the only memorable one. no structure has changed. thank god i'm getting off this team and on to a different one that will have equally stupid bullshit

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work announced that they were rolling out a new "intergalactic leadership" program but all that is is they changed the name of the "staffing update" meeting to "Customers: The Real Stars"

i'm lgbt YES all of them at once. it's called representation

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i'm a girl and a boy and neither and both. yes i am exclusively homosexual yes i am attracted to people of all genders. try to keep up 🙄

he's being really snuggly so at least he forgives me, but i feel terrible about it

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tried to take my cat in to a "walk in" place because i'm worried he has a uti or something but they didnt want to take him bc it wasnt an emergency so i put him through 40 min of car ride for nothing ):

i want to get into deep sky photography and, ideally, i don't want to spend any money doing it

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holy shit the library has telescope rentals?
this may be gamechanging

the spice so nice you'll taste it thrice

tech support team lead lol. nothing exciting but what job is?

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wahoo got a new job! same company, different department, $3.50 raise

god i am craving the flan on my girlfriend's counter

heat/death relayed
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