heat/death relayed

probably not actually going to do this but it's neat to think about

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hmm…laser engraving channels for cloisonné…

its amazing how hot people get when they transition

ingratiating myself with the distillery crew so maybe they'll let me hang out and do some unpaid brewing tasks over the summer lol

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my friend works at a distillery and snuck me and the rest of the friendly neighborhood anarchoqueers for an after hours tour. they let us touch whatever we wanted and pull all the levers lol

i showed up 10 minutes late for math class and they were already on subtraction. blew right through addition. this college shit is moving pretty fast......

cyses fermented to 16.88% (!) in a week! amazing how far a lot of sugar and a good nutrient schedule will take you

nothing sexier than being prepared to respond to trauma

if you're transporting seafood you can drive in the anch o v lane

heat/death relayed

fags invented graffiti so we could go on gay little walks together at night

finally got my new boots to replace my old boots that i wore every day for 6 years. extremely emotional about this. may have to hold a funeral.

90 min set from my favorite band including an album all the way through to make up for the album anniversary tour stop they had to cancel a few months ago. at the front at a tiny venue. caught a flower tossed into the crowd at the end. doesnt get any better than that

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love my roommate. he finished his masters degree and i had to explain to him what a colander is. in the same week

my friends are arguing about animal liberation and abolishing pets but everyone refuses to take a stance on whether i'm allowed to be into petplay. cowards

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