my life would be so much better if i could just work 4 days a week

heat/death relayed
heat/death relayed

in this house we only accept fungal tokens 🍄

someone gave my mom a roomba. unrelatedly, i wonder where my box of googly eyes is

it's pretty easy to suss out my roommate's emotional state by how much folk punk i can hear him belting out in the shower

heat/death relayed

Saw the coolest Fomes fomentarius you will ever see on my walk.

it's kind of reassuring when people who are more popular than me make worse art than i do

why are we here? just to suffer? every week i do laundry

i'm allergic to the regular stuff they make with cottonseed (not severely, but enough that it's worth it to go to a compounding pharmacy instead)

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had to buy sesame oil for a recipe the other day which i thought was pretty funny because that's also what i get my testosterone compounded with

btw i know the quote is probably apocryphal + anthropologically dubious. i think that's okay because it is still good.

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thinking about the time i was really high and a little lost in golden gate park and i went to cross the road and there was a guy leading a chain of toddlers and they stopped to wait so i waited with them

see: margaret mead's quote on a 15,000 skeleton with a broken & healed femur being what she believes is the first evidence of human civilization because it means a person was cared for by others while injured

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new tattoo artist at my favorite shop…going to see if she wants to do a nearly-life-sized femur with a break & a bandage tied around it for me

her nice gay neighbors are taking her. thank you gays.

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