time to try and learn a little CAD. just enough to make me dangerous

heat/death relayed

@Sbarry8520 has been building a house for their family after a storm destroyed their previous house recently. They have been mostly funding it through donations here on the #fediverse!

I just sent €10 and would love to see us all chip in and help get this project completed! The amount they need we can probably get together in the next 24 hours without much trouble.

@gcrkrause is collecting money through paypal and will do the work getting the money into The Gambia, so dm them for the address.

another day another weirdly complicated excel problem solved

usb-c nano yubikey might be one of the most expensive things i own by volume

being in meetings all day rules cause i work from home and i'm not important enough to have to pay attention. i can just work on my gay little spreadsheets.

okay now he's listening to the mountain goats in the bathroom so i'm worried

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i have a friend who met the person they're now married to in the flash game chatrooms of kongregate.com. i feel like this says something about the nature of finding true love, but damned if i know what exactly

we've got 2 solar panels, 3 car batteries, a modem, antennas, a water pump, and a charge controller & junction box to handle it all. lots of fun crimping and wiring everything today

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this is for the winter services trailer for unsheltered people camping outside - it's got mobile data, USB charging, and a big ol tank of fresh water with a pump!

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my roommate got broken up with but i haven't heard very much folk punk coming from upstairs so i think he's ok

ew, i've been doing work since i clocked in -_-

if i hosted a writer's convention i'd call it comma con

kinda sucks that reply all was my favorite podcast for so long and now it's just weekend at berniesing itself

you ever see a sunset on the mountain (fresh-dusted with snow!) so golden and striking and beautiful you want to grab the next passer-by you see by the shoulders and yell "holy shit, are you seeing this?!"

relatedly, i do wish there was a good way to express that i am a trans person who takes testosterone and got top surgery and has a beard and is very much not a man

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i'm not trans"masc" but there wasn't a better way to word this joke

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