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Cops are like dentists. Nobody want to see them or go to them, and they should have been made obsolete long ago.

I'm building a new thing for the Distributed 'Net, and I'd love company!

Cavern is a new journaling protocol focused on user agency, with end-to-end encryption and local-first design at its core. It has a social model intended to restore some chill to online communication, embracing non-public posting and manageably small social spaces. Check out <> for a rundown and links to code and discussion spaces!


hey lazyweb: is there a particular commit message format that people like for personal projects that want a little bit of organization?

Inflatable finally finishing their lifeguard training and celebrating by striking out the 'NOT' before where it says 'A LIFESAVING DEVICE' on their warning label.

"Why do you never wear your hat?"

The magician sighed tiredly, "Never know what might come out of it. What if I ended up with a rabbit sitting on my head, as a best case scenario?"

"A cute little rabbit?" I laughed, "Doesn't sound too bad."

"It might widdle on my hair."

"Yuck, yes that would be gross..."

"Now imagine a tiger..."

I blinked, "A tiger might come out of your hat?"

"Not even the worst case scenario."

"I'm so sorry."

#TootFic #MicroFiction #Writing #TerylsTales #UrbanFantasy


So, it's generally accepted that Eugene is shite at managing a foss project and shite for fedi.

Are there any mastodon forks that aren't like that? Or is there a migration path off mastodon to something else?

Perennially amazed that threaded and subject-based chat isn't the norm for interpersonal chat services. Xi lose track of so many things when xi're stuck with one thread per person in e.g. Google Chat.

rogue one is a good star wars movie imo and it has an excellent robot but it also made me sad

thinkin a lot about... comprehension versus compassion... and the ways in which especially cishet men withhold compassion under the excuse that they merely lack comprehension... if they can only comprehend then ✨ of course ✨ they would have compassion

but that comprehension never comes. hm.

β€œWe actually know exactly how to solve this problem, but it would annihilate several large for-profit industries, so no.”

An Iridescent Pileus Cloud over China

Image Credit & Copyright: Jiaqi Sun οΌˆε­™ε˜‰ηͺοΌ‰ #APOD

it's time 🐁🐁🐁🐁🐁

⚠️ ongoing job search (please boost) 

Still on the lookout for job opportunities! If you've got any leads please hit me up. Comp. Sci. major with a year and a half experience in automated software testing. Based in MN. Familiar with agile dev, git based version control, full-stack web dev, and basic network and service management. More info on my site and available upon request.

Thanks so much for all the help, visibility or otherwise. It really does mean a lot. :aliceheartblack:


no, I wouldn't call myself a hero

[thinks back to when I opened all of the "his and hers" towel sets in target and switched them around so they were " his and his" or "hers and hers"]

but I've done some heroic things

Threw together a quick Python script to build neat, cyberpunk-y maps of your route to a particular host, as below.

Unfortunately, it does require signing up for the GeoLite2 service (which is free) and setting CAP_NET_RAW on your Python interpreter.

See below, without a VPN and with. Data's just GeoLite2, so certainly not perfect, but still.

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