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The now World of Darkness lineup

Vampire: the Masqueerade
Werewolf: the Acepocalypse
Mage: the Askinsion

witnessed a bee absolutely stuffing its pockets with datura pollen

hungy girl

"Isekai" anime where the impossibly skilled protagonist is just a former founding employee with deep domain knowledge brought back in as a consultant to help a team full of new hires.

It's all a biting satirical commentary on ageism and the ignorance of youth.

And JIRA itself is one of the lead antagonist.

Respecting someone's gender or pronouns isn't conditional on whether you like them or whether they have bad morals

Me: A Furry? Me? What gave you that idea?!

My browser:

Those who download losslessly compressed audiobooks of sales literature are just listening to PR FLACs

"Wow. You have a lot of books. It's like a library!"
"You think so?"
"Yeah! So do you have a secret door hidden in the book cases?"
"Only books, I'm afraid."
"But some books are."
"Are what?"
"Secret doors, leading to awesome places."
"Cool! Can you show me?"
"I'd love to!"
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

If you wanna help me out I could use the money. If not for food, for surgery costs

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Only YOU can prevent the accurate telling of British history. If you see something, say something!


Back in the hospital to get this hardware taken out.

Very excited to be two handed again.

one of the worst mistakes in human history is letting cis people touch software that in any way handles human names

I started compiling a list of movies on Letterboxd that have nonbinary or third gender characters.

It is small.

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