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A trusted person was asking for signal boost for this.

A comrade is needing funds for their top surgery :trans_heart:

Healthcare for trans folks is totally inadequate in the UK, forcing many to go private.

Please donate and boost if you can.

#mutualaid :boost_ok:

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snow, conspiracy theories 

people rediscovering sublimation of snow and calling it a conspiracy theory is wild

"the snow doesnt melt" please ask the several million residents around the country that have been melting snow for water for the past week.

oh, wait, theyre all crisis actors? theyre all in biden's pocket? every single one of those millions of people? even your own neighbors and friends? you and some chosen few are the true free ones? you alone know the truth? okay.

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I just got the *silliest* Ethernet cables for my desk panel. The inkjet reads `MONOPRICE MICRO SLIMRUN CAT. 6 U/UTP PATCH CONFORMS TO ANSI/TIA-568C.2 32AWGx4P CM(UL) E164469-B2 RoHS`.

And while I do not trust them at all to do gigabit or even hit the rated Cat6, they sure as shit will do fine with the 10/100 in this panel.

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Updated version with more uniform look ✨.

:boost_requested: boost_requested
:boost_denied: boost_denied

SVG available on request.


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The main question to ask is "why do all these moralists spend so much time and parchment railing against cats, if 'everyone' hated them?"

And why are there so many charming marginal illustrations of cats doing cat things, like messing with this nun's yarn while she's trying to work?

And why did this monk let a cat track ink all over his manuscript?

Just because moralists think one thing, it doesn't mean that everyone is on board. Imagine people judging today's society by Matt Walsh's blog.

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Oops my sunday got triple booked.

This is fine.

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how to install KITTEN.EXE:
1. install a cat flap in your internet connection
2. put a bowl of tasty bytes near the catflap
3. say "pspspspspspsps"

KITTEN.EXE should appear!

note: if this does not work, an additional thing that might help is setting out an empty box for the kitten to sit in!

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~ ~ ~

#art #monarobot #masks #fediart #mastoart

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My moms middle name is Gay and I want to remind anyone thinking about choosing a name that that’s always an opinion

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We're playing a board game that has both blue cubes and purple cubes that mean different things. This is a little annoying for my partial colour blindness so Ruthie suggested we mark the purple ones with a dot to distinguish them

I decided that we could do better than dots

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Texas Crowdfunding: Black mom with 3 month old needs money for diapers and wet wipes

“ I’m a first time mother living inside my car with my newborn needs help getting funds for diapers and wipes . Anything donations will help . Living in my car . TX IS really bad rn anything will help I have sleep in the car with my son 🥲😩🙏🙏 messed up all my baby stuff”

Cashapp: $yadybaby

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We put a rover on Mars. Can we rescue a floor loom from New York and deliver it to an autonomous zone in Chapel Hill NC, where there's people waiting to use it to clothe the anarchists and homeless folks?

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the wildest thing about mars landings is that the *minimum* earth-mars distance is 3 light-minutes, so if anything fucks up during the landing it's physically impossible for manual intervention to fix it

and also the landing actually happened like 3 minutes before we heard about it

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the amount of empathy I have for the mars rover: exponential
the amount of empathy I have for anything boston dynamics makes: fuck those war machines

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