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Watching She-Ra for the first time 

I have a new candidate for "least helpful error message":

"endpoint requires a more connection"

In other news, against my better judgement, I seem to have embarked on a Minecraft+podman server management project.


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If I am too trans for you to respect when:
- I don't shave
- Before/early hormones
- Hair is shorter
- Flamboyantly &/or skimpily dressed

I'm too trans for you now fuck off

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Things I low-key want to do: society rebuild bunker.

A big ol' library, a radio room, and a self-maintaining machine shop, all capable of running fully independently.

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I think there's an alternate version of me that decided to f it and became a van nomad.

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Welcome to Mastodon! Please choose a class:
-Eldritch Horror
-Troll (Homestuck)
-Troll (Internet)
-Troll (Bridge)

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@caprimoon like, yes i can fix a sink and build a deck and grill or smoke meats and brew beer and troubleshoot network issues, but i will have a nice gel manicure while i’m about it, y’know?

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that’s it, that’s what i’m calling my gender now: handy femme

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The werewolf held a dainty bouquet. Three carnations and a green ribbon.

Snow dusted her hair and fur, tail wagging hopefully at every stranger who approached only to droop when they passed by.

"You could wait inside," suggested a waitress.

"No, I said I'd be waiting by the door."

The waitress glanced across the cafe, at a vampire clasping three carnations, green ribbon, in her pale hands.

"We have two doors."


#TootFic #MicroFiction #Writing #TerylsTales #UrbanFantasy #LGBTQIA

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Those panties that are falling apart but are also the comfiest shit

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"how are you going to survuve a revolution" its ALL OUR JOBS to make sure EVERYONE survives a revolution. revolutions are to make people HAPPIER and INCREASE QOL. its not sacrifice the neurodivergents because theyre inconvenient

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