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Cw weight 

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our child's writing and making a book today and his story started with "one day a princess was sharpening her sword" so i guess we're doing an alright job lol

What should I do with

I feel like it should be some kind of webhook/integration/etc hosting platform maybe?

Any other ideas?

Ok, this is disingenuous to cis allies that do get it. But those are so few and so far between.

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If I ever run a community, I'm tempted to ban trans discourse without trans people, because watching the cis try to puzzle it out is the worst blind leading the blind ever.

That moment when Pokemon sun+moon became a super hero series, complete with transformation sequence.

Oh, and the forge/fabric divide is _not_ going to help matters

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Dabbling in Minecraft Modpack making and it's an endless rabbit hole of 😕

Like, between licenses, major mods disappearing, and long-term gamedev concerns, how does anyone do this?

Is there a cryptid best described as endless layers of cloaks, dresses, spaces sleaved, and other flowy fabrics?

Today's aesthetic: so many layers and folds people start to question if there's a body in between the face and the boots

I am understanding why moms and wine is a thing.

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Is there any documentation on macaroons best practices? I see exists now, but it doesn't seem to have much in the way of docs.

I got in to GitHub partner's program! 

Hey, if I ran a api-based 4x game, would anyone be interested in playing it?

Like, a huge galaxy to explore, via REST APIs.

Things I should do: respin all the xonsh infrastructure as a github app, and name it Lou Carcolh

Personal goal: office with giant whiteboard and a hammock.

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by popular demand, here's the final draft of the Queer Villain Pride flag I did yesterday, along with a link to a hi-res version here:

again: pink for passion, orange for community, green for knowledge, purple for queer history, and black for evil, pure EVIL. feel free to use this for whatever. mwa ha ha ha haaa, etc

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