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rename the default git branch from master to domme imho

Everyone's talking about what the next wave of open source should be.

I just want to know how to license my service and infra code to maximize community building and minimize corporate theft.

What alternative strong-rights licenses exist? I'd like to know if there's options for moving away from the GPL and friends.

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Please accept my new fursona of a rich tech bro capitalist who is a dog that never bathes

His name is Elon Musky

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if I had three wishes:
-> grant everyone teleportation
-> grant everyone immortality
-> grant everyone customizable player models


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Can: Write a GraphQL->Python psuedo-compiler, including service-specific extensions

Can't: Get or keep a job to save her life.

There is something really wrong with me.

fuck, bills are starting to pile up badly.

Me: "Why does this take so long to run?"

Also me: _feeds Python a 36000 line schema file to parse_

ah, yes, the GitHub version of "fuck off, don't bother us again"

Thanks, I'll be sure to just fork/monkeypatch any problems rather than interact with you ever again.

Today, I figured out that nagas are Heavy.

Like, a long coily one is going to be on the order of 1000kg (1Mg).

Woop! Got an initial version of gqlmod up on PyPI! Docs and build pipeline included!

The only provider written so far is Cirrus CI, but GitHub is next on my list.

Must be a gender euphoria day. Got my thigh highs and arm warmers and my extra swishy skirt.

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