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our child's writing and making a book today and his story started with "one day a princess was sharpening her sword" so i guess we're doing an alright job lol

What should I do with

I feel like it should be some kind of webhook/integration/etc hosting platform maybe?

Any other ideas?

Ok, this is disingenuous to cis allies that do get it. But those are so few and so far between.

If I ever run a community, I'm tempted to ban trans discourse without trans people, because watching the cis try to puzzle it out is the worst blind leading the blind ever.

@iliana I wouldn't? Mostly because interacting with the nginx API sounds intimidating.

That moment when Pokemon sun+moon became a super hero series, complete with transformation sequence.

Oh, and the forge/fabric divide is _not_ going to help matters

Dabbling in Minecraft Modpack making and it's an endless rabbit hole of 😕

Like, between licenses, major mods disappearing, and long-term gamedev concerns, how does anyone do this?

Is there a cryptid best described as endless layers of cloaks, dresses, spaces sleaved, and other flowy fabrics?

Today's aesthetic: so many layers and folds people start to question if there's a body in between the face and the boots

I am understanding why moms and wine is a thing.

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Is there any documentation on macaroons best practices? I see exists now, but it doesn't seem to have much in the way of docs.

I got in to GitHub partner's program! 

is this lewd? 

Hey, if I ran a api-based 4x game, would anyone be interested in playing it?

Like, a huge galaxy to explore, via REST APIs.

Things I should do: respin all the xonsh infrastructure as a github app, and name it Lou Carcolh

Personal goal: office with giant whiteboard and a hammock.

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