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don't get nostalgic for "the way things were" and a "return to normalcy"

figure out what you're being denied now that you weren't before, think about who lacks access to that even outside of times of crisis, and fight to ensure they get it too

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DOOM Eternal, minor spoilers, funny, "modding" 

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It's also worth noting that true social justice is about *restorative* justice, rather than vengeance. Whenever someone does someone else wrong, knowingly or not, the important thing is to stop that from happening again, and helping to repair whatever damage is possible.

"Repairing damage" does not mean destroying the person who did wrong, especially if they've seen the error of their ways and are taking whatever steps they can towards rectifying the situation.

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Hey all, just an FYI:

Monument Valley 2 is free on the Google Play Store right now! And also Apple Store too !!

Excellent puzzle game that's normally like 6-7$ so defs recommend picking it up!!

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bringing back the -aster suffix so i can look smart while i self-deprecate

Watch it, I'm going going to make a PursuedPyBear development box, complete with USB editing.

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"We dreamed of creating the world's most powerful Pokémon... And we succeeded."

Mewtwo is finished! #cosplay #mewtwo #pokemon


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asking for help, boosts okay 

Seriously, when was Epstein? Last year? Last decade? I don't even know anymore!

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Can I get a version of "We didn't start the fire" except it's _just_ the last 5 years?

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:blobcatthinkingright::blobdab:​​ :ms_crt_green_lines:

:blank:​ "blockchain"

🚪 :meowenjoy::blank: :blobconfused::ms_crt_noise:

Tonight's project: if this wiimote takes a charge, let's see if I can get it paired with my rpi and wired into

Then I can write games for the wiimote.

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