LARP went really well! Plot was more low-key than I remember, but also there wasn't a long-running existential threat looming.

I am now sore, but very satisfied.

Pictured: Wednesday's costume test. (selfie ec)

I brought these back from my vacation. Thanks to the cutie in the record store three floors down from this place for pointing it out to me.

Advice: hide numbers 

My for today: hide the numbers, if you can.

Mastodon web doesn't support this. In Tusky, it's at the bottom.

Selfie, ec 

There's a wedding today and I look great

Furry stuff 

Got a quick comm from @Mirina of my new sona, Petra! I'm loving it.

If you asked me what her name is, I would have said Karen.

Selfie ec 

Happy holidays! I bring you a rare selfie


I don't think I'm ready for Expert+, but this song felt attainable at least.

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