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Selfie, EC, injury 

I broke my arm real bad a week and a half ago. I'm going to be fairly disabled for at least the rest of the summer.

But I'm still cute

Selfie, ec, arm sling 

My arm might be a little Humpty Dumpty, but at least I can be cute doing it!

My project is (almost) done! 

The enclosure printed, the board is soldered, the buttons have their harnesses, and the firmware is all written! It's just missing some thread inserts so I can screw it together.

Selfie, EC, swords 

I'm a cool sword lesbian now!

Finished my two month long sword class. We finished with a big Longsword Versus class, where we fought lots of different weapons.

LARP went really well! Plot was more low-key than I remember, but also there wasn't a long-running existential threat looming.

I am now sore, but very satisfied.

Pictured: Wednesday's costume test. (selfie ec)

I brought these back from my vacation. Thanks to the cutie in the record store three floors down from this place for pointing it out to me.

Advice: hide numbers 

My for today: hide the numbers, if you can.

Mastodon web doesn't support this. In Tusky, it's at the bottom.

Selfie, ec 

There's a wedding today and I look great

Furry stuff 

Got a quick comm from @Mirina of my new sona, Petra! I'm loving it.

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