I just saw someone recreate this in shadowbox form and I can't stop thinking about it.

It might be about fantasy cops, but The Watch brings incredible queer energy.

A picture of my great rack for @Shadow8t4.

Sadly, I don't have a girlclock yet.

The only company that gets a pass on rainbow capitalism.

Selfie, ec 

So this turned out a bit more villainous than I was intending.

Selfie ec mask 

I have pretty good parents.

Ec selfie 

I'm here to be gay and do crimes

Also, this is a real photo of my girlfriend, @agmlego

(Credit to Marcy Yorsa)

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jame screws around with computers 

Every so often, I try to feed the state of my electric sheep folder into graphviz.

It universally comes out looking like this.

The Refuge Basement Data Center is shaping up! 

Bringing you nine fives of uptime since 2020

i should clearly snag a copy of netbsd for my odroid hc4 so i can say "i'm running bsd on a toaster"

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