My friend is a femme afab with bottom dysphoria and the internet thinks this is Not Ok.


@astraluma *loud booing, throwing empty soda bottles at the internet*

Supportive stranger re: Venting Wouldn't usually jump in but as an effeminate transmasc guy, I'm sorry to hear people are judging your friend over their dysphoria. Gender presentation/identity do not define the validity of bottom dysphoria, and the expectation that presentation/ID have to "match" genitals is awful bs. If friend is transmasc/nonbinary, might appreciate r/ftmfemininity, no real bottom dysphoria talk but it is a supportive community for femme transmasc/nonbinary folk.

re: Supportive stranger re: Venting Sorry if my reply was intrusive or anything. Don't want to bust in on your and your friend's private stuff, but it was so on point with my experiences and community that I wanted to send some support.

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