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foss is a failed ideology because it always had fucked up social and moral priorities. it only ever empowered privileged tech nerds and never achieved anything more than piracy didn’t also do.

for real, I can swear that 90% of the refurbished pcs from your non profit that you installed some linux distro on and gave to people ended up with a cracked version of windows xp installed by someone else after 3 months because it was too fucky/the software didn’t run.

I have nothing against the idea of free and open source software but it doesn’t deserve meaningful consideration until the individual and organisational figures of the movement retire permanently and are replaced by people who aren’t cishet white nerds who think the root of all evil is the windows vista calculator they can’t see the source code of rather than capitalism at large.

@Siph I think the way you compare open source to piracy here is a really insightful angle to see how much of a failure open source is

@Siph Like, what can open source do that piracy can't? So much less other than being legal.

(And of course, a small handful of nerds being able to see the source code, oh wow, our horizons have really opened up here)

@dzuk so I havea thought on that. And I'm going to use a car metaphor.

Open source isn't going to help a lot of people. But it does make computers more accessible by giving your computer a hood you can pop.

Proprietary software, when you open the hood, there's just a swirling mass of space and static that makes you question if it's safe to even look at.

Open source, you pop the hood and there's an engine. It's generally big and complex and messy and nobody really understands what's going on, but it's an engine with oil and wire and hoses and stuff.

Does the distinction matter to the majority of people? No! Only a minority ever _want_ to pop the hood of their car. But it's probably a good thing that "anyone" (for certain definitions of anyone) can get in there and work on it.

@astraluma yeah, like, there is that element, but open source advocates treat this incredibly minor thing that a tiny fraction of people will ever want or get to do as if it's the thing that's gonna change everything. Instead of the software not being utter crap.

Developing and editing software is on a completely different level of complexity beyond the want or understanding of regular people that I think many FOSS people truly do not get.

@astraluma like, very few people are going to drive a car that looks like shit and runs like ass if their only saving grace is 'if you're a certified mechanic and you have the spare time you can easily tweak it if you want'.

And the fact is, many larger FOSS projects pretend that their software is for the masses, which is just quite frankly laughable.

@astraluma and also the original point was to improve the ways that computers were used in society, not to just help out a handful of IT technicians or coders

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