The plural of "index" is "indices".
The plural of "vertex" is "vertices".
The plural of "mutex" is "deadlock".

-- @agmlego

@astraluma I cannot take any credit for it; someone at i3Detroit yeeted that into an unrelated discussion. ;-P

@agmlego @astraluma and here i thought i'd originated it 😄 but it's such a good joke, one that can arise as an answer to a question people actually ask in a serious context, that i think it's probably arisen dozens of times

@agmlego @astraluma (for the record, i've definitely never seen the first two setup lines)

@vyr @astraluma I believe that there are no mutexes around coming up with jokes! You may well have independently thought of it!

A mutex is condemned to either be stuck in a deadlock, or not be necessary at all.

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