Hey, dyslexics! What is your personal experience with dyslexia fonts? Do they help? Do you feel meh about them? Do they make you feel better about life?

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@astraluma personally, it takes a while to get used to them but once I've acclimated they're great, switching off the always-on coping mechanisms feels odd for a day or two but after that I don't want to go back. vertical spacing can be an issue, chopping off y and g tails for example when hacking it into a site that's not designed for it.

a lot of "official" tests never run past that early stage and just write them off but them, and quirky monospace fonts like Fantasque Sans Mono, do wonders for me

@astraluma No prob!
I've had a go at dyslexie and opendyslexic with the direct intent to read better. While I prefer dyslexie's thin weighted lines, the author's actions and 90 GBP price tag turned me off completely.
ATM I use opendyslexic on my e-reader fulltime for books, apply fantasque manually here and to my OS and use "midnight lizard" to apply colour filters to the web in general to make it more accessible

@astraluma i personally never quite got used to them so i dont really use them

@astraluma erm dyslexic (erm struggle with pronunciation, spelling, comprehension, sentence structure)

(i dunno how much of that is dyslexia)

erm fonts don't seem to help too much, just anything that isn't cursive gosh.

@astraluma I haven't had any significantly different experience with fonts that are specifically dyslexia fonts. Most sans serif fonts that don't have any embellishments and have consistent stroke thickness.

Changes in font weight, size or color really give me trouble but most common fonts are as good as the special dyslexic fonts in my experience.

@astraluma (Not dyslectic myself)

A dyslectic friend of mine don't like the most known ("Dyslexia"), but she finds comic sans really easy to read and often uses that if she has trouble.

Worth mentioning that there exist a font called Lexie Readable which is supposed to retain the readability characteristics of Comic Sans without the comic book aesthetic. (Don't know any dyslectics personally who tried it.)

Hope this was useful!

@TorbjornLunde @astraluma Another Comic-Sans-alike that's free to use is Comic Neue -

It's self-described as being Comic Sans "beaten into shape" - it retains unique letter shaping while removing the exaggerated "handwritten" styling. Comes in loads of weights and handles a vast amount of unicode for multiple language compatibility.

@astraluma I'm not sure if I'm technically dyslexic (a bunch of educational people muttered about it but didn't note it officially in my records over the years) but from memory its Lexie Readable helps my universe in general:

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