Spritely: towards secure social spaces as virtual worlds dustycloud.org/blog/spritely/

I posted about this already on here, so you may have seen a bit about it before octodon.social/@cwebber/100866 but this goes into more depth. Onwards and upwards towards exciting new directions of the fediverse...

@cwebber is the virtual world gonna be like a 2d browser game or will it have proper native clients?

@grainloom That's one reason I chose Racket for Spritely. Racket has the ability to easily embed nice things in its GUI system like scheme text editors, which means that players will be able to live-code the world they're in *right from their client* should they wish.

@cwebber omg. ok, learning reacket just jumped a few places up in my todo list

@grainloom if you want to just spend 10 minutes getting excited, fire up DrRacket (friendly text editor that comes with Racket) and go through docs.racket-lang.org/quick/

@cwebber thanks, but it'll have to wait because of Uni Stuff ™️


@grainloom @cwebber Uni Stuff is why I learned racket at all. (Except it was called scheme then.)

@astraluma @cwebber sadly we don't even have any lisp/scheme related classes (that i know of) :blobsad:
(they do mention it on functional programming but only as "we don't do that here")

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