Hey, my current gig is going to be ending in the next few weeks.

I do web and ops automation, specifically, django, python in general, and saltstack.

Short term is fine.

Boosts appreciated!

@ekimekim Not really interested in living in the bay area. I've been focusing more on remote for geographic freedome. Totally willing to come on-site for a week or two if a client just needs something done.

@astraluma do you have an online copy of your resume i could take a look at? 😀

@nomadlogic is the one I updated most recently.

I'd like to highlight, it's being used in multiple installations for several months now. And also, I have enough familiarity with salt to have those opinions and write it.

@astraluma wicked - thank you! while my current gig isn't hiring *yet* i'll keep your resume handy 😃

i'm gonna check out now too - thanks!

@nomadlogic Let me know if you have any questions!

(Writing documentation is hard, and that site has a lot of room to grow.)

will do!

hoping to take a deeper dive later today to check it out - it seems awesome from the quick glance i took at the site.

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