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"Putting device drivers into user-space code is a fundamental concept in a number of secure-system designs, including microkernel systems. But one of the problems with those designs has always been the communication overhead between the two components once they are no longer running within the same address space. Io_uring might just be a convincing answer to that problem."

This is your periodic reminder to go pull the batteries out of any electronics you have in storage.

hey, you ever want to lock and unlock the wheels on shopping carts ? turns out your phone is able to generate the electrical signal to activate the mechanisms inside by playing a tone over the speaker

check out

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Hey everyone. Due to a medical situation, I am now unable to buy the few things we need to get through the week. All I need is $25-$30 for some cat food, toilet paper, some bread, etc. If anyone can help or boost it would be much appreciated and I'd be very thankful!



Trans friends and allies, remember the golden rule of talking to eggs: Unless they directly ask, don't tell them you think they're an egg. It'll just push them deeper into the closet.

Help A Trans Dude Go To College, Begpost, Please Boost 

hey everyone!! my partner starts college in about 2 weeks and we need a little help raising some funds for him to get books and equipment for his major

we are hoping to raise $700 to cover these expenses, anything helps!!


cashapp: $ItsSailor

venmo: ItsSailor

I'm asexual which means I'm a picky eater at the dinner table AND in the bedroom

I heard gen Z was having a big food fight... 

bon appéYEET

Let's disprove something a transphobe claimed.
#transgender people, would you date another #trans person?
Preferably boost for a larger sample-size

can you imagine being the hotel that hosts the big entomology conference. you know that place has gotta be PRISTINE. you can't get away with "oh no that's not a bedbug/roach." they're gonna be like "actually i described this subspecies in 2003"

I’m surprised I’d never heard of this movie, because this clip is FIRE.

the solid rocket boosters used for the first couple minutes of flight are also derived from the shuttle boosters, with the recovery parachute exchanged for a fifth core of fuel, giving them 25% more thrust.

it is kind of amusing that the shuttle program was originally billed as being potentially cheaper through reusing orbiters and boosters, but we've thrown away all the reusable bits in the derived successor. ;)

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the SLS (the rocket system that's going to launch the Orion capsule for Artemis) is derived from space shuttle technology; indeed the first four launches will use up the last 16 remaining original shuttle main engines, after which the later missions will use newly manufactured ones that are optimized for one-off use (so they can be made lighter and cheaper)

Revolutions per minute is a silly unit. So few things are around 1 rpm.
Most things are either thousands of times faster, like blenders, engines ect.
Or much, thousands of times slower, like countries.

I think I will be gay today. I'll see if I can fit anything else in

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