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If anyone has keybase funny money, I'll happily take it off your hands.

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the is gay

source: the test of the emergency foxcast system

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What begins with E, ends with e, contains one letter, but isn't E? 

I was having such a productive day, feeling pretty good about life.

And then I looked at my bank balance, and all those good feelings are gone.

My phone makes some really wacky capitalization choices sometimes and I've just kinda given up and started rolling with it.

Ok, today I'm going to deploy clamshell. I think I'm going to suck it up and use my desktop for now.

Ahhh the little things in life.

Like dancing around the kitchen to Avril Lavigne.

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I think buildah is my favorite container tool 

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Bad sci-fi idea of the day: So there's a superintelligent AI, and then robots start taking over the world. Everyone blames the AI, but the robots were actually just controlled by human opportunists. Later, the AI offers to save the world by hacking the robots – which it does by ignoring the robots and using phishing to find the human controllers and steal their credentials, because the humans were the least secure part of the system.

Emotionally loaded phrases 

Things I said last night:

"I think sometime between hatching and learning about post-furry"

Economics ramble 

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Economics ramble 

@duckinator just told me the shortest compiling C program.

It's 5 bytes.


Today, I managed to find bugs in xonsh and sphinx at the same time.

I feel accomplished in the most Sisyphean way.

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