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Idea: Dedicated metadata field for "status" text like in old messenger applications that'll show your current status ("happy", "annoyed", "thinking about Amiga beach balls").

These will show next to your name at the above (or below) other meets fields.

Being metadata only one status can be available at once, replacing the previous status.

And of course, it should support custom emojos!

[Status: Inspired :blobowo: ]

[Status: Useless~ :meowBox: ]

[Status: Unfocused :kirby_fly: ]

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if you're a cis USian, give a thought, a word, or a dollar this coming memorial day to all of the people your government is trying to kill for not being the right kind of gender.

I wore a hole into my favorite pair if knee-highs.

My girlfriend turned them into an excellent pair of arm warmers. 🥰

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The American Statistician has released an entire issue about getting rid of p-values and the idea of "statistical significance" and this is a really cool exciting time for the field I think

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Hey friends, since I have almost no friends on Mastodon, promo me and help me find people.

I'm a furry artist and musician who's into programming, and video games. My tastes are very eclectic so I'm into most things.

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Yes I'm making a new Python thing, its a prototype, but I'm really excited for the potential ahead.

Tell me what you like, love, hate, or want about distributing Python applications and games!


Oh hey, happened by!

As I understand it, it's an entire python distribution in a file.


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hot take

any computer system that has to handle identity (most of them) should be flexible enough to handle any kind of desired change

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Trying to get life is strange going with a decent streaming layout.

I hate technology.

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I’ve been noticing an uptick in crawler traffic from a bot identifying itself as “The Knowledge AI” and nothing else; no info URL or anything else, and it was basically DoSing a site I admin until I blocked its user-agent. Anyone know anything about it?

One of the things I've never liked about growing up is planning my own birthday parties.

Like, I have friends? Could one of you plan my birthday, as a birthday present?

I just hate planning my own birthdays.

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