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I'm currently writing a novel that is extremely cosy slice-of-life fantasy while receiving feedback on a novel that has undead fungal body horror in it

and if that isn't a perfect encapsulation of my inability to brand myself as an author, I don't know what is XD

What do you call a bird with large muscles... 

I don't know but they got good pecks!

dragon vTuber who cooks real food and wears clawed gloves in the IRL kitchen

always finds an excuse to apply a blow torch. even to soups

daily microfiction 

There is a power in transitions.

There are places along the continental ridge where the endless churning cycle of grinding subduction and glorious rebirth releases that power upon the weave of reality. And it was in one of these miraculous hot-spots that the HMS Brisingamen sank, its hold as full as its lifeboats.

Deep in that hold, and strewn amidst hastily-abandoned cabins and steerage, there are wonders aplenty!


#microfiction #MerMay

(for @vicorva)

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mutual aid/work request, medical 

Still haven't gotten my refund for my copay :/

so i need $30 for the appt tomorrow, $10 for the meds. also have a dr appt next week to get my SSRI's so that's like, $50 IIRC

also owe someone money. if anyone needs anything done or like,
just has $5 bucks laying around

paypal is

cashapp and venmo are xenocat

Since I took this picture three years ago, I'm more and more convinced that I'll never take a better one.

(heroically, hanging from a lamppost, my skirt askew, my arm wounded, holding a torch above my head and screaming in a commanding voice) Lesbians! To bed!

New Gravel Institute video talk explains that while electric cars need to happen, they can't really reduce carbon emissions because cars are just inherently inefficient compared to public transportation.

uspol-, mh- 

I am... not doing well.

cool xenia facts: estrogen contains nanobots that download man pages into yr brain that's why trans girls are so good at computer

Still feels weird to call myself a tech lead.


I think The Onion nailed it with their home page. I have nothing to add.

Beto O'rourke just got dragged out of a Gov. Abbot press conference, saying "this is on you" before cops pulled him away. I might have to hand it to him if he turned to the cops and said "oh, now your response time improves"

@Blort @cwebber @fossandcrafts

This is just coming full circle

Crypts: secret vaults that often hold dead bodies

Cryptography: writing in secret code

Vaultomancy: (made up) practitioner of putting info in metaphorical vaults

Vaultomort: the (un)dead supervillain from the info vault

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