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“git cherry-pick” - alternate version of “git log” that shows only the commits that support your argument

is “mishmash” derived from someone trying poorly to pronounce “mismatch”

pronouns, parenting + 

The toddler is convinced that all child-sized entities use he/him pronouns, while adult-sized entries use she/her.

So Mommy and Daddy are both "her", while Teddy Bear and Twilight Sparkle are "him".

You know what, sure.

Ladies: Get TSA PreCheck if you ever fly. Harassment free and insanely fast.

enjoy this Russian meme that I think basically translates to “sight of cat, grace of potat”, every time I look at it it gets a bit funnier

hi! I added a new sticker (finally!!) to the wobscale sticker emporium

it's sky rose's trainsgender pride flag!

fill out a form and I will mail you stickers

selfie ec boosts+ 

California appreciates my lesbian cowgirl shirt

Reminder that time travel exists in the Garfield universe. Garfield is science fiction.

Pick 2-3 small tasks and get them done so that you feel a sense of accomplishment.

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