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Movetodon is the best tool to use to follow people you follow on Twitter on Mastodon. It all happens in the web app: no CSVs required. All the tools sound the same, and the rest use CSVs, so bookmark this one.

via HFR jumps forward again, it looks like it will be overseen by a subsidiary of Via rail who will then have a private consortium come in and likely build and operate the line. Seems quite possible that could lead to higher speeds...

@asmallteapot it breaks my heart I'll never get to ride on a duckbill Talgo tho 😭

Washington State DOT has renderings of the new Siemens Charger locomotives and Venture carriages coming to the Cascades in 2026. Not surprisingly, they look fantastic.

Being a trans woman is weird because my concerns range from hip/shoulder ratio dysphoria to hoping the government doesn’t put me in a concentration camp

[extremely speaking for myself and not my employer voice]

I think HBO delisting recent programming like “Westworld” is far more socially destructive than even the torrent crowd is giving them credit for.

Why take chances as a creative? Why order a series targeting niche but loyal audiences? Why emotionally invest in new programming as a viewer?

HBO Max *removing* streaming shows from their archives is just reaching out to everybody who ever torrented their material to tell them they were right, actually

Enrolled my YubiKeys for iCloud two-factor authentication now that the public beta dropped

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The Sandyford GIC (covering all of Scotland but the NHS Lothian, Borders or Fife areas) has published this graph on their site.

It shows, from 2018 to 2022:

A drop from ~4.8 WTE staff to ~2 WTE (and apparently there's been a lack of candidates), and
A decrease from ~160 first appointments to ~20 first appointments.

If they went back to to the 2018 first appointment rate, it would take 10 years for everyone _currently_ on the waiting list to get seen. At the 2022 rate, it would take 145 years.

Most of the anarchists I know are like "well then I heard/invented a really potent moral argument and had no counter, so I completely changed my entire life in response, at a drastic personal loss, because anything else is unthinkable"

That's the shit I respect.

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K what’s the greatest invention of all time

your polycule gets at most 2 of 3:

· consistency
· availability
· partition-tolerance

Okay, but hear me out, what if we just made an American version of Interac

Sunset was at 16:12 today

I live here on purpose

Excited to share that in iOS 16.2, macOS Ventura 13.1, and iPadOS 16.2, you can now do live collaboration in Apple Notes!

See each others’ edits and selections in real time in shared notes! To get started sharing a note, check out this support page:

Additionally, if you’ve got a note open on multiple devices using the same iCloud account, you can see the changes appear instantly!

sam bankman-fried with the funniest statement to congress ever

I want the FAA, but for studying major government software failures and regulating future software development and procurement.

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