Anyway, my sarcasm in the tag last night was mostly expressing that I think Roguelike, Soulslike and Metroidvania are terrible names for game genres. Especially when people start using terms like Roguelikelike or Roguelite, and I've even seen Soulslite already.

Can we come up with something that doesn't put one game on a pedestal? We don't call an FPS Doomlite because it has the *audacity* to not be enough like Doom.

Frankly, ever naming genres *real* things was a mistake. Platformer? Mariolike. JRPG? Dragonquestlike. FPS? Doomlike.

The first question to ask yourself when getting into is "What game would have been awesome on the Dreamcast?"

There's a GDC 16 video of a talk by Ken Levine that I still didn't watch and I can't decide if I want to. It sounds interesting but also he wrote a plot that literally sums up as "both sides had bad people."

It's a good thing I love cyberpunk because we're getting closer IRL every day.

Notably, the part I'm furthest along with is plot, setting, etc., but until that stuff is in a game it feels pretty close to the old "ideas guy" meme on old TIGSource so not going to talk about it directly as much.

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Movement on a navmesh, basic inventory and basic interactions with objects off the ground. There's a ton more to do systems-wise but progress isn't bad.

In the art department, I've got almost nothing going but hopefully at least some character art soon.

Occasionally in writing circles I hear the story about how Hunter S. Thompson would retype word-for-word classic master works like The Great Gatsby and A Farewell to Arms. I'm still not totally sure if I buy that this helps improve as a writer but I'm very interested if anyone has thoughts on it.

A huge trap, and one that I am guilty of falling into in the past and hoping to avoid in the future, is loving the idea of being more than you love doing.

Don't love being a writer, or an artist, or a composer, or a gamedev more than you love writing, or painting, or composing, or making.

It's scary to think about all the stuff you'd eventually need to get for a game (music, voice acting) when you don't have any money.

I could theoretically learn to compose music but not on the level of someone who focuses on it. Voice acting for a range of characters I definitely can't do without hiring.

I'm fairly sure the talk it's from was the 2017 Indie Soapbox but I would have to check.

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I have this screenshots on my phone of a random slide from a GDC talk and it's a great combination of funny and interesting.

On the upside, if I keep the features simplistic enough, porting a point and click adventure to phones would be easy. On the downside, they probably don't play very well on consoles.

Does the community around here follow the same conventions as on birdsite? e.g. is there Screenshot Saturday? Indie Dev Hour?

I got some very basic functionality in place for my point and click adventure system (mostly just moving the player around a nav mesh and having the camera follow properly). Need more in place before it's really worth posting anything like screenshots, but doesn't hurt to celebrate any progress, even small.

Alright, so I'm now officially somebody with two active Mastodon accounts. I'll be keeping this one focused on serious things like game development, art, writing, etc.


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