🐘 I'll be using joshuatj@digipres.club more, so follow me there. Feel free to sign up for an account at digipres.club 🐘

An important step forward for #freesoftware in government: Barcelona is ditching Microsoft and going with GNU/Linux! https://u.fsf.org/2fq

✨ Internet Girlfriend Club Volume 5 is ALIVE! Featuring:
cool tunes 🎶,
underwear 👀,
that BBS life 🖥,
furries 🐰,
an imposter teen heartthrob 👦,
& Kool-aid..?
➡️ internetgirlfriend.club/volume 💘

Now I'm ready to do the thing I popped over to Mastodon to do, which is give 🐘 users an early preview of what will more generally get announced tomorrow (breaking thread)

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🐘 feeling good about moving into this internet space


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