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nobody knows how real people live

people come into the puppy linux forums on a weekly basis like "yeah im running windows XP right now, Ive got 500MB of ram and an Athlon XP" or something like that looking to use puppy to keep their hardware going.

Every time some dev is like "nobody uses 32 bit PCs anymore just buy a new computer" i wanna fuckin scream

@dysfun altho running a 64bit os on 512 megs of ram sounds like a fast track to the pain zone

@dysfun ill tell ya what it *doesnt* have though is like, any SSE recent enough to run a modern browser lol

@artemis oh it is. I got a Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W for early testing, and while the 64-bit desktop would nominally run, it swapped if you tried basically anything. And since a Raspberry Pi swaps to SD card it's so very slow indeed

@artemis Puppy Linux is still around? That’s super exciting! I’ve been thinking about setting up a live USB for the times I need to boot into Linux, and now that I know Puppy is still there I’ll definitely be using that

@goofpunk yeah its great, its my primary OS actually, and still great as a live OS

GNU / Linux is the best (and only?) solution to keep these old computers up to date and capable.
I've resurrected some of them thanks to that, both for budget and environmental reasons.
I share your screams!

@coq @artemis new gnu+linux distros don't work well with x86-32, nobody simply tests new versions of the s/w on these machines, thus tons and tons of bugs

@artemis maybe if more folks built their software for 32 bit pcs, i wouldn't be running gentoo on the old netbook

@artemis Everyone who just says shit like "lol buy a real computer" should be forced to do all their work on a Kaypro running CP/M 2 for a month.

@mos_8502 @artemis oh, you are so benevolent. Letting them use CP/M.

You could have cursed them with QDOS/MS-DOS but you, you kind soul, blessed them with Digital Research provenance.

Is this what sainthood looks like?

@artemis people would still use 8-bit computers if the cga screens didn't die with use

@efi honestly im fairly confident a ti-83+ could handle running an email client if it had an encryption coprocessor to implement TLS

@artemis I know something like a zx spectrum can because it's actually been made for emulators, it's just there was a discontinuity in usage when 32-bit started due to things like windows 3

@artemis @efi move up to a Ti-Nspire and its downright easy, those things are packing a relatively fast ARM926EJ-S and plently of RAM. Fairly sure MbedTLS would work just fine too Late Pentium 4s and Athlon XPs are 64 bit. No one has to use a 32 bit cpu anymore unless it's for some specialised device. You can literally get 64 bit computers for free.

@artemis and with a new computer you'd often have an up to date windows again, negating the need to go to linux for most people, hence no year of the linux desktop. Indeed not a helpful attitude.
@artemis “nobody uses m68k anymore just buy a new computer”

@newt @artemis (the demo scene would like to have some words with people who think this way)

@artemis @alcinnz tech-related people with little to no empathy? Shocking.

@jasper @artemis @alcinnz For some communities, sure. Then it’s the responsibility of the community to make sure minimum system requirements are obvious and clear.

I’ve seen plenty of instances where the responses to noob questions is a holier than thou attitude. It happens online and offline.

@1ll173r47 @jasper @artemis @alcinnz I've seen the same. I try to kindly remind the "helper" that they're not helping. I'll admit sometimes one of my fellow devs answers questions and it makes me hit my forehead in frustration.

@1ll173r47 @jasper @artemis Ah the characteristic purity spiral amongst the fossbro archetype! Usually strikes me as quite ill-informed...

Btw, I have written definition for this archetype:

@artemis pretty sure we've used antiX for that exact purpose h

have an older athlon xp 3200+ system sitting around and it absolutely flies in antiX, their package builds even target non-SSE2 instructions properly so stuff like firefox runs mostly fine on it, wild

@666666t oh yeah i love antiX, thats what i use on my intel atom netbook

@artemis “Future-proof your computer and buy a 3080ti”
Me who’s eaten rice and beans for 5 nights in a row: “ok”

@artemis especially ironic: I just took delivery on the Betrusted Precursor this year (it is 2022 for any spacetime shifters reading this from other vantages) which I had preordered in 2020.

It uses an FPGA and implements a "soft" CPU.

The CPU? Is RV32 (RISC-V, 32bit).

It runs at approximately 100MHz.

This is extremely cutting edge hardware despite the misperception of "slow" or "constrained" specs.

@byterhymer @artemis the precursor looks like a fun device for development and pda usage.


Tech writers and enthusiasts are the worst. It's like if you need a car to get to work and the only thing you can find any info about is custom hot rods.

I have a house full of computers I use for work and personal stuff. Pretty sure they're all 10 years old or more.

@artemis indeed, i had a home server based on 32 bit pentium 4 that ran on arch32, until its psu died

@artemis I always want to introduce techbros to the world of embedded electronics for this reason

its a realm where +20 year old processors, ancient unsupported compilers and RAM measured in kilobytes are considered completely normal

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