yo holy shit Dead Cells added a ton of accessibility and assist features
- UI tweaks / graphics tweaks
- color filters
- you can give yourself extra lives
- you can adjust trap damage and turn on an auto-attack to reduce how many inputs are necessary to play
- a TON of control tweaks

AND they said they won't disable achievements if you turn any of the assist features on: "We are not going to make it possible for people to play the game and then take achievements away from them."

fuck YES. this RULES.

@artemis they fixed the most obvious accessibility issue i noticed as well: the game's three stats being identified by their colours (red, purple, and green)

you can now change the stats to have any colours that work for you, or just turn on icons that indicate the stats instead

i already rly loved this game but this accessibility update is. so fuckin good

@artemis The dev is amazing and is organized as a horizantalist workers co-op, which might help accessibility advocation that is often ignored in traditional studios.

@artemis It's really good that they added those! Given these, I'm surprised that multi-binding to one button is still an option that makes you unable to get achievements

@artemis, speaking of accessibility in games, I would love to see survival games in particular add accessibility options to address Misophonia.

I love survival games like Subnautica and The Long Dark. It’s clever game design to use familiar sounds like a growling stomach when your character is hungry and needs to eat.

The thing is, too many game developers add the sounds of lipsmacking when the characters eat or drink something or get thirsty, and the noise is incredibly irritating. I cannot overstate enough the intensity of my unbridled fucking hatred for misophonic body noises.

@artemis When the Celeste is Revolutionizing Accessibility in Video Games?!?!

Fr though, awesome seeing this mentality permeate gaming lately.

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