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years of community building yet no real world use found for a memes channel

wanted to create a collaborative knowledge database anyway, for a laugh? we had something for that it was called a WIKI

these are REAL discords created by REAL developers

they have played us for absolute fools

@gendor depends the workflow you're looking for. If you want to go classic, MediaWiki is still going strong and a solid choice.

If you don't feel like self-hosting, github wikis are an ok choice (as much as i loathe the company). Mainly because, I think this is not well known but, you can actually `git clone` a github wiki and it is just a bunch of markdown files. For example, try `git clone So you are not vendor-locked in, but you can take advantage of the workflow.

These are the two I reach for, but there are many more. Whatever you do avoid Fandom at all costs. They are hellspawn and employ REAL HUMANS to ACTIVELY try to lock you in if you try to leave, won't let you delete your wiki, will just take it over as their own if you do. It's BAD

@artemis AFAIK GitHub wikis make it hard for others to contribute, i.e., if they're not already contributors to your project?

TIL wiki hosting services are called wiki farms 😍 when I just came across

Thanks for the heads-up about Fandom. Looks like Miraheze may be a good option for a free hosted MediaWiki solution?

@gendor oh I did not know about this wikipedia page before thank you! this is definitely an area where im less familiar than I'd like to be, and GOOD point about the barrier to entry on github wikis

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