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hey btw if u follow requested us in the past and we never accepted it it was like mainly a social anxiety thing not rly anything about anyone in particular

account is unlocked now so you can just follow it its fine, a lot of the stuff we'd post in the past that would make us wanna lock our account have kinda moved to other places like DMs / our journals cause its healthier for us than putting it here

i am using palemoon now on my laptop perfectly capable of running normal-ass firefox

because firefox keeps becoming entirely unresponsive to user inputs (animations keep playing), and in this state i have to SIGKILL it from process manager to restart it. multiple times per day

pls mozilla i am trying so hard

mmos, d/s silly 

the line between mom energies and dom energies when tanking is basically nonexistent for this

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i have found a love for tanking in MMOs i didnt know i had. Featuring modes such as

- "yeah, im kind of a badass" _smacks big thing_
- "well now you're just _trying_ to get in trouble you earned that one, see how you fare without me hmm"
- _yelling at everyone in the room_ PUNCH ME IN THE FACE RIGHT NOW

did you know godbolt is just like the person's name? can you imagine having godbolt in your name

lately firefox has been just UI going unresponsive for me. like animations will keep playing but ill be unable to interact with the web page or the browser UI or any of that

closing FF doesnt properly close it i gotta kill it from htop, what even

the year is 2042

you are howling at the moon

and sleeping in the middle of a summer afternoon

my favorite part of my life at 800mhz post getting widespread visibility is showing SRB2 to like thousands of people

the stages of copyright understanding

0. *using proprietary software without an understanding of the term proprietary*

1. *blissfully unaware of software licenses, just putting code up on github unlicensed*

2. "oh hey, open source is cool. whats this GPL thing? YEAH stick it to the MAN!"

3. "GPL is too complicated and makes it possible for bad actors to sabotage my project, im just gonna MIT, do whatever you want i guess"

4. All this legalese is annoying, WTFPL is funny.

4. "Hmm WTFPL i heard is not good. also maybe I dont want companies using my code. I guess companies are scared of AGPL"

5. "Fuck the FSF, Fuck GPL, what an awful license, all licenses are bad *despair*"

6. *be gay do crime license*

7. *painfully aware of software licenses, just putting code up on github unlicensed in protest*

sex joke 

then they'll ask me if im sexually active like, you literally just told me im defficent in D, why are you now asking me if im getting any D you know the answer

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PNW doctors will be like

"the results are in *dramatic pause* you have vitamin D defficiency"

like thats not just literally everyone who lives here

anxiety meds question 

whats the process for getting benzos prescribed do i need to talk to my GP or get a psychiatrist?

(boost ok)

i remember playing a game as a tween which was like a slice of life sim game of being a depressed broke young adult

it was one of those games where theres no animations or anything its just a text log and a UI for your character sheet

anxiety meds question 

whats the process for getting benzos prescribed do i need to talk to my GP or get a psychiatrist?

(boost ok)

you've got friends who would kiss themselves if they met their clone/timetravel self and then you've got friends who wouldn't

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