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hey btw if u follow requested us in the past and we never accepted it it was like mainly a social anxiety thing not rly anything about anyone in particular

account is unlocked now so you can just follow it its fine, a lot of the stuff we'd post in the past that would make us wanna lock our account have kinda moved to other places like DMs / our journals cause its healthier for us than putting it here


EVERY SINGLE MORNING it was driving me CrAzY so I said

"hey mom whats up with all the weed?"

and my sweet dear mother she looked at me like a cow looks at oncoming traffic and she said

ITS GOOD FOR YOOOUUUUUUUUUUU and then she strapped me to a chair and fed me nothing but blunts for THREE DAYS

and it was in that moment that i swore some day I'd escape and go to a farawary land where the grass is green and the (???) are oh so shiny and you can eat soup right out of the ashtray if you want to

it's ok, they're clean!


one of my favorite things about rust that I'd miss if i wrote haskell again is how in rust you can just be like, redefine a binding.


let x = whatever
let x = func(x)

in haskell you gotta do

let x' = whatever
let x = func(x')

and that sucks imo (i personally like to do the primes first and have the one without the prime be the final thing). and its because rust is a lot more imperative than haskell is.

haskell, you can still do it the way rust does, but now you gotta be inside a monad for purely language-level reasons. the compiler will optimize it all away but its just like cmonnnn kinda sucks lol

of course the advantage to the haskell way is it makes recursion dead-simple since you can just self-reference in the right hand side of the binding

sex toys 

training with progessively larger dildos to improve my taking-a-big-shit game

i want to write a story that's like the opposite of self-indulgent for stims. a story where all the stims are rancid.

so i have this curse where any time i have a name i am destined to meet at least one other person with the name no matter how unique i think it is. anyway i just learned beach city has another violet spark who's been there since 2018 so i think that means if i moved to that instance it would be a declaration of war

i'd like to give a shoutout to this mastodon instance for basically being indirectly responsible for the majority of my social life as it is now

per cybre closing i'll be moving somewhere but the destination is undecided

you can't tell me that wrapping your tubular protrusions around someone else's central column (hugging) for mutual enjoyment is anything other than strange

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physical intimacy of any kind is weird, you can't argue that any of it makes any sense at all, you just have to accept it.

@artemis Mos Eisley cantina:

Dr. Evazan: He doesn't like you.
Luke Skywalker: Sorry.
Dr. Evazan: I don't like you either! You just watch yourself! We're wanted men. This program is illegally packaged in 14 distributions!

thinking about using dhall to generate gentoo configs to create some fucked-up hell that people will tell me i should have just used NixOS

wanna write a C library called libmao so i can link it with -lmao

How I Cut My Compile Times In Half For $15

i upgraded my cpus and my server hardware is so old that it only cost $15

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