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hey btw if u follow requested us in the past and we never accepted it it was like mainly a social anxiety thing not rly anything about anyone in particular

account is unlocked now so you can just follow it its fine, a lot of the stuff we'd post in the past that would make us wanna lock our account have kinda moved to other places like DMs / our journals cause its healthier for us than putting it here

the missile knows where it is because it knows where it is

it knows this by knowing where it is, and not knowing where it isn't

because it doesn't think about where it isn't, and it doesn't think about where it was, or where it wasn't

it knows that it is where it is.

hey rust people: what can i do, as a random end user of software that happens to be written in rust (i.e. any linux distribution), to encourage rust to move i586-unknown-linux-gnu to "Tier 2 with Host Tools" so that i can use linux on my computers again

or, alternately, to make the i686-unknown-linux-gnu target not require SSE2 (since i686 never had SSE2...)

alpine linux already uses i586-unknown-linux-musl, which is tier 2 without host tools, for its 32-bit x86 port

debian already patches i686-unknown-linux-gnu to target pentium pro instead of pentium4 as baseline, since otherwise there's abi mismatch and things break

i want to continue running gentoo on my computer, which is a pentium 3 machine, but i can't feasibly do that if i can't have a bootstrap rustc on it

diversity training: everyone has the opportunity to embrace diversity

agreed. start transing your gender right now, cowards. embrace diversity

so philosophical question:

assuming you have 16c32t zen 3, which is faster for compiling code:
- 3.4GHz base 4.9GHz turbo but you have 2 memory channels
- 3.0GHz base 3.7GHz turbo but you have 8 memory channels

just read the blog post about C23 changes and im very excited to get my paws on a C23 compiler and start using it

"USB 3.0 — only works with very short cables and depends on the device. This is due to a hardware design issue relating to the coupling capacitors needed for SATA, which shares the same lines as USB 3.0. Hardware design changes have been suggested to engineers, it's in their hands now."

a classic

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if you clustered 8 of these you'd have 64 gigs of ram and 32 cores...

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y'all already know its -march=native -mtune=native time

probably doesnt do much on aarch64 but it's about the aesthetic

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i fucking hate the proliferation of "just breath the solder fumes bro" guys on the internet. all i want to know is whether the standard p100 will filter out flux fumes or if i need the organic-vapor cartridges instead

i have been using a git gui called SmartGit for the past month. free for non-commercial use! I like it, it seems pretty feature complete and does the things i wanted when i started looking for a git gui.

It doesn't have the same visual polish of sublime merge but seems to have more features and doesn't nag me to buy a license. It's also JVM-based so while the official distribution ships with an x86 JVM you could probably get it running on a pi or a pinebookpro with not too much effort. The .desktop file just runs a shell script that builds up the java command and runs it on the bundled java so you could just replace the bundled java with a symlink to your system one I think if you're interested. (ihavenoaffiliationwiththisproductijustlikeusingitokdontsueme).

libreoffice calc is so much slower than microsoft excel i tried to open a complex excel spreadsheet today and it took, not exaggerating, 10 minutes. MS Excel on my gf's computer was done in like 15 seconds

me, to a 2 year old: is that a mother fucking jojo reference

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