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I feel like Right to Repair needs to include "right to update the thing to use third party servers" or something like that. We're creating e-waste just by preventing FW updates to point my litter box at anything but a hard coded URL signed by some keys that'll expire in a few years.

buddy I think the fact that this tool will GLADLY consume your entire hand is more significant than a choking hazard but that may just be me

problem is I either need to do this work at James' house or buy my own jointer. Hm.

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we've been in this raid for eight hours and I'm in pain

75min to raid time, can I get a 60min bike ride in first before I sit down all day

me, deleting entire paragraphs: sigh computers are fast enough this already doesn't matter and isn't a practical argument

shout out to one of the exes who was also instrumental

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Seems like there's a billion CSS grid libraries. What the heck and how does anyone evaluate all this?

Well now officially has the dubious distinction of being the first vendor I'm in a CC dispute with. Placed an order over a month ago, never shipped, sales@ didn't reply to status requests and I have no reason to think they'll cancel. Time to sic Citi on em

Once upon a time was a Heroku app. Thanks for everything

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