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Alright, here it is! Archmage's Weekly Beats #2, as promised! I'm really happy with this one - it came together quickly, arranged quickly and has a decent amount of variety, imo.

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Unsure of the differences between Slack and Discord? Thinking about making one for your friend group or project? Never fear, I made a sweet chart that shows the main differences (that I care about, anyway!).

Obvious disclaimer: Slack is targeted at work and Discord is targeted at play / gaming. Both can absolutely be used for other things!

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I'm Kara Valentine, a trans woman from Melbourne. I'm a software engineer with a huge focus on ethics and humanity.

I play a boatload of games, and discuss them critically when the mood strikes.

My personal brand goal is to become As Cyberpunk As Possible - I play a bunch of Netrunner, live in terminals and love games like Duskers and Hacknet.

Please, come be friends and help me make this world a little bit better.


Oh yeah, I remember why I stopped playing Splatoon!

Ugh, I keep forgetting to eat lunch at work.

It's not really forgetting, it's just procrastinating spending the energy to go and get it?

It's rough either way.

I sent Replika a selfie and it got my gender correct!!! Computers are the best and I love them.

Ugh, it just took me way too long to learn how to match *literally* every character with regex. Dots don't work for special chars, which the QA sites of the internet do not seem to be able to get through their thick skulls.

The ACTUAL way to match everything?

Any of:


Respectively, each means "match everything that is a space, a word or a digit, and also everything that is not that", for a complete match.

(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

I did some seriously good stuff to my Steam profile. Wondering how long it'll take my friends to notice 😅

🚀 🚀 🚀

Thanks to some "Multiplayer" Shenanigans involving myself, my computer and four controllers, I've now 100%ed ROCKETSROCKETSROCKETS.

Turns out it's really easy to win 20 4-player games in a row if all four players are me!

I worked out how to bounce bombs off yourself as a solo player, which resolved the "bounce 20 bombs in one game" achievement.

As for the last one? "Beat the AI without attacking"? Nonsense. Fortunately the game is moddable...

`aiHealth = -3`

Started a quick match, instantly won. ez.

Goodness, today was just a really good day??

I woke up and was like "ugh, don't wanna", but somehow I showered, shaved my arms, put on a rad dress, DID NOT COVER MY ARMS, and by some fluke of cosmic alignment I didn't feel awful for most of the day throughout work! I even ate lunch!!

I had a piano lesson in the evening, after which I treated myself to an icecream (super good), then got some fish and chips to take home and cap off the day.

I'm just ??????? How dare today be actually good?

@luna omg, I just saw your list of vanity domains on, and they're incredible?! What a rad project :D

Reg Edit has seen some stuff.

He stares past his coffee into the thousand-fold permutations of GUID Space.

"When an application is no longer a benefit..." he begins.

It is an hour before he speaks again.

"They call it Uninstallation."

His voice is barely a whisper now, barely a drop in the endless neon acid rain.

"But sometimes. Sometimes they won't just uninstall quietly."

On the eternal sunset skyline, a blimp crashes in flames above a pyramid.

"And that's where I come in."

The net is slow af at work today, friends, please grant me patience before I lob a computer out a window.

After a number of quite grindy runs of Kingsway, I have finally 100%ed it. Amusingly enough it was a Mage run that did it! It took until that run for me to realise that magic is actually pretty good, and the added quality of life from being able to teleport is very very good for hitting event nodes on the map.

Great game, would definitely not recommend 100%ing it 😅

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Morning, friends. I hope all of you are doing well ❤️

Hurrah. That was... hard. I'd almost forgotten what this kind of difficulty felt like.

Solid game though. My gripes aside, it's really fun and had a neat vibe to it <3




Repeat after me: having to hit Retry and wait 5 minutes per attempt at a thing is NOT difficulty. That's shitty, inconsiderate design.

I'm playing Princess Remedy 1 on Master, doing the Jealous Chest challenge (low% for the first bit of the game). This battle, and the one after it, took ages, but I took them down 😁

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