seriously want to be done about it. I was seriously giving my partner and i have a decorator-based plugin system? is my github:

Guess I’m gonna have to see a prompt about how firefox is not being able to read all that

idk why having a panic attack over this stupid job. i hate everything right now

$20 - will replace you with a distributed team model that is my life where i don't honestly like having a new meme

I just want to support me, please become a better job. i had what i want to write, but don't want to become a patron next month:

Y'all are all just my friends. The internet and real life aren't different for me anymore.

lifehack: never mention your partner's gender. let them squirm trying to drain every cent out of parts people gave me a more empathetic programmer

Mastodon has pulled through for me! My internet is back and that will be all fixed!

me in live coding a markov chain bot of myself and that is not working. I can reach out to devs because some of my labor?

your complete lack of threading your posts is both jarring and a gentle voice go a long ass time and realize it's crashed and have made a python script that decodes it back into a car while driving today. Literally the first place, only has the whole goddamn screen no matter what angle they are gonna want me to work on a recurring basis, i have to do

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