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modern dnd wizard who has a simple plugin creation system!

what i am learning from looking at many tutorials is that is incredibly idiosyncratic

have you considered that all animals can be cute, and denying this is just denying yourself, which is in fact, the most animal thing, you cute wittle animal

Come join the crew as they adventure in the Underdark! Sunday at 6 PM PST on

Someone posted about someone reading an rfc a day in chronological order and talking about it but I didn’t catch the blog. Does anyone have it?

100% would exchange my arms for robot arms with no pain while I’m typing.

I don't know the first fucking thing about making games, who can teach me how to make simple 2d games?

I think I'm going to start trying to make a game again. I still think about "druidquest" my game with no combat, lots of collectibles and an optional puzzle-based story. I also keep thinking about how i want a creative project. Idk, I think about a lot...

I just want a "nevermind" button next to the "post" button

send me all the electronic music made by trans girls

The farmers market is actually the weekly meeting of the vegan werewolves club.

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